Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Actually Relevant Ads

A friend of mine asked me the other day, "You are making money off your blog, right?"

Haha. No. This is actually a pretty common misconception. There are some blogs that make money, sure! Some of them review products, some of them just have particularly ad-loving audiences. But for most of us? We are just blogging away, and making money from my blog isn't a goal really at all. I just like to chatter with you all online :)

Still, there's the option to have ads on my site, and I figure, why not? Maybe the ads will be perfectly suited to what I am writing about, and thus maybe perfect ads for my readers, too.

But I have not been a fan of the Google ads that AdSense has been serving up to you all. For one, I know most of you, and we just don't click through on Google Ads anyways. And honestly, if I am going to put ads up at all on here, I want them to be ones you can actually USE!

Enter Shop Style. You'll notice some cute new ads on the mid-left and very bottom of the page. They come directly from Shop Style, which is a fun and fab place to do some online shopping. Soon we all (hopefully) will have some extra funds from tax returns, and there's some hot new clothes out there online on which to spend some of those funds. I personally would be clicking these ads since they are all stores I love anyways, so hopefully you find them fun, too.

Plus, they let me build these fantabulous (clickable) layouts like the one below for future posts! How cool is that!

So I hope you enjoy these new ads. There are different versions I might swap in and out. And who knows what else is out there to spice this site up. I will research and get back to you :)

Jessica McClintock at ShopStyle