Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being Cosmopolitan... on a Budget

Since taking on a number of New Year's Resolutions and also sticking with WW, I have cut back on one of my most favorite weekend treats - the martini. Actually, even more specifically, cosmopolitans. Not those syrupy ones out at restaurants, but ones made with only a spalsh of cranberry and a splash of cointreau, just enough to make the vodka slightly pink. Ahh, the joys. It's so very cosmopolitan to drink a cosmopolitan!

Honestly, cutting back on the "The V" was also a good budgetary call, too. Martinis are awesome in that you only need vodka to make one, so you don't need to buy a whole bunch of bar items. But then you can easily roll through that bottle quickly since its the solo ingredient, so it can be pricey if you are like me and prefer upper-end vodkas.

I promised myself a cosmo for V-day (conveniently enough, that would also then mean it was Vodka-Day for me ha!), and it was SO worth the wait! It's amazing how 6 weeks without one made that one (ok, two) cosmo taste so perfect. I dare you to try this technique with your favorite adult beverage - maybe hold out until St. Patrick's Day, or that day after your big road race this spring?

PS. Check out the cute new party dress I wore that evening, the cosmo was a perfect accessory!

Anyways, this post wasn't even going to be about my love of The V (which sounds so sad, but whatever. It's my favorite drink!). It is about the next event where I plan on having The V! This one is courtesy of my coworker Ana, who thought this event sounded right up my alley, and it so is!

Mondays in March 2010, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Grey Goose Presents Mondays in March: Martinis with Matisse
View the current exhibition, "Henri Matisse, A Celebration of French Poets and Poetry" while sipping on a Grey Goose Martini and enjoying hors d'oeuvres from:

March 8: Brookhaven Bistro
March 15: Two Urban Licks
March 22: FAB
March 29: Eclipse de Luna

$15 includes two drink tickets and hors d'oeuvres from those fab places above. The event takes place at Oglethorpe University, just up the street from us in Buckhead.

Who wants to go with me one Monday next month, maybe for a mini girls night? You can't beat that price for drinks AND food AND art!


Chelsea said...

This sounds fun!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in :)

Unknown said...

K & C - we may need to organize a mini-outing :)