Friday, February 19, 2010

Some More Home Decor 101 Help

Remember earlier this month when I posted about the Pottery Barn bedroom designing session at the mall? Well, it's back again tomorrow at the nearest store by you, and this one is all about Family Rooms!

I was so sad to miss the last one. I overbooked myself that weekend, and when Sunday morning rolled around, I flaked on my own prescribed Katherine-time. Such a shame, too, because I might have run into my friend and her mom, who attended one of the sessions. From what she told me about it, it was a hugely helpful event. She learned a lot about furniture balance, colors, textures, and new ideas to use when decorating the bedroom.

I can only imagine tomorrow's session on Family Rooms will be equally helpful. So whether you are a new homeowner or have a new apartment, or if you have been in your place for a while and are just in need of a change, this might be a great session for you. Call ahead to find out what time your store is doing the event, and to RSVP. Remember, it's FREE! :)

Let me know if you go - I have Oysterfest plans, so will not be there, but am definitely interested in hearing what you learn!

PS. They also seem to have another session tomorrow, one is for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color. A Benjamin Moore expert will be there to answer questions and help you plan out colors for your whole house. Cool!