Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing to Eat, but All You Can Eat

This is going to be a very random post. Just all sorts of thoughts in my head today!

First of all, this is the second day where I have absolutely FAILED at packing my lunch. I have brought a "lunch" each day, yes, but its pathetic and not at all inspiring to eat. Which means that by 2pm, I am going to be heading downstairs to buy some sort of granola bar or something to add to it. WW or not, I really need to do a better job at planning my lunches, and all the time. A Zone bar or a Slimfast shake plus a yogurt and apple does not a well-rounded and exciting lunch make. Fail, Katherine.

What are your go-to lunches for weeks like this when you feel lazy? I need some better stand-by options.

Second - Two Urban Licks announced today they are doing a few more editions of the All You Can Eat promotion that I blogged about a few weeks ago. We went to the lamb one last month and it was amazing. You sit down family style at long tables, they bring you your choice of the house beer or wine (and then they leave the bottle, score), and then almost immediately they start bringing out these massive platters of an appetizer, followed by the main course. And then they repeat. Because it's all-you-can-eat, of course. The BBQ one looks fantastic for next month. If you haven't gone yet, I highly recommend it. You can't beat the $21 price for what you get, and it's a really comfy Sunday night meal.

Third - Chicks in Atlanta started following me on Twitter yesterday. I had never heard of them before, so I clicked through to their site, and it seems to be a pretty big social circuit in town. It reminds me of our PR Girls Group, but times 100 in size. They are having their next function at Lenox Grill Wednesday in honor of their two year anniversary. Something worth considering, especially if you are looking to expand your gal's group, or if you are looking to network for your job.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Unknown said...

i feel like a creep for posting so quickly but i swear i just opened my google reader and saw this!

i ROCK at bringing a lunch! right now in the fridge at work i have frozen potstickers that i heat up in the microwave with some rice, leftover cajun pasta with shrimp & crab, a couple of oranges, a grapefruit, and some snow peas. i like to keep at least 2 lunches at work because you never know what you are in the mood for, and on that random day that you forget lunch... you have one there already! plus all those small things are great for little snacks, too. i just ate a handful of chips with a spoonful of buffalo chicken dip as a snack!

we also have english muffins, peanut butter, bread, turkey, and salad dressings on hand that are up for grabs, plus big bags of pretzels, rice cakes, and chips. but those are for everybody and we all contribute. thats the office emergency lunch stash.

as silly as it sounds, i try to plan my dinners around what i want to bring for lunch. if i make a dip, i try to make something i can put on top of a salad. if i make a certain type of meat, i make something i can put on a sandwich or again on top of a salad later for lunch.

ps i'm jealous they left the wine at your table at 2 urban licks. they were diligent about pouring ours, but the bottle woulda been nicer!

Unknown said...

Katie, you are amazing and an inspiration. This weekend I am making a huge batch of soup and some other goodies. I can't do this fake lunch thing again!!