Friday, April 9, 2010

Channel Your Inner Imelda

Growing up (ok, still today) my family found it cute to call me Imelda, in honor of the great Imelda Marcos. Doesn't ring a bell? Imelda is the widow of a Phillipines President that had to go into exile back in the 1980's. But even more importantly, she is known to have owned over 3,000 pairs of shoes. This number was later confirmed to be more like 1,000, but whatever, that is still amazingly and fabulously over the top.

Imagine. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be an Imelda of shoes? I own probably in the range of maybe 50 pairs of shoes, maybe more. I have never counted before. But a snapshot of my shoe collections provides a quick tally. Obviously, the nickname fits for me :)

Sadly, I can no longer be Imelda, for Imelda had a bajillion dollars, and I have bills to pay. Shoe shopping isn't at the top of the to-do list right now. BUT, if it was, even if I had just a little extra a month, this is where I would be heading in a split-second: 

A few months ago I caught Kim on the Today Show talking about her new shoe company, and it sounded like a neat concept. But it wasn't until my friend Chelsea sent me the link for Shoe Dazzle yesterday that I put two and two together, and realized how insanely fab this site is. $40 a month gets you in, and membership gives you a new pair of shoes each month! You select from a few that stylists pick out for you based on a fashion survey, and if you don't like what you get, you can send them back for free. If you don't want shoes that month, you can choose to skip the month, and you don't get charged.

This is genius. I watched some of the videos, and the shoes are H-O-T. They are Grade A knock-offs of the D&G world, as Kim is happy to demonstrate. Love it. In fact, this whole thing can even be given as a gift, if you know any shoe-a-holics that might enjoy this monthly club. And seriously, what girl wouldn't?!

Let me know if you join. There is a "3 = Free" deal where you can get a free pair of shoes for having 3 friends sign up. LOVE IT!


The Broke Socialite said...

I'm typically annoyed by Kim K but she seems to be on to something here. What poses a problem to me is that I wear size 11 (aka "The Box") and would never get my money's worth (though I have been known to "squeeze" in a 10 and call them my valet know from the car to the table). Brava, Kim are more brilliant than I thought.

Unknown said...

You are so right! If anything she possesses some serious marketing skills, since it seems like an ingenious concept (other than that size thing, so true!)