Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fashion Trends Spring 2010

Today, I said PEACE OUT to my hose. My legs are oh-so-white. I have neglected the tanning lotion this year. But I do not care. It is hitting 80 degrees today, so forget the hose, forget the pants, forget the closed toe shoes. Today, I am rocking some peep toes with a shift dress. And my legs are loving it, whiteness and all!

It's finally Spring. I think it has somewhat snuck up on us, honestly. What a long winter! I really don't remember a colder, longer winter in Atlanta over the last number of years. It was a treat to have snow so many times, but by April 1, I am so over my peacoats. I am so over my winter pants and tops. Goodbye, houndstooth heels and knee-high boots. Hello, florals and bright colors and sandals!

I have been seeing articles all over the place about what the "must have" fashions are for Spring this year. My friend Meg asked that I share my own thoughts, and I'd love to, since I am approaching this Spring much differently fashion wise than I usually would. I am not going out and buying an armload of new shirts to mix in, or a few new pairs of shoes. I am going to conserve my fun money (cruising in only 5 months!) and instead, shop in my own closet, with perhaps a special new (budget friendly) addition or two.

First, let me point all of you to Work Your Closet, one of my favorite new blog finds from the last few months. This gal is a fellow Trendsetter with me, and she has a hobby of flipping through her favorite magazines and matching her own current wardrobe to the styles portrayed there. Genius! Her post today is so cute, the Button Up look with a button up layered under something else.

This idea reminds me of this JCrew shot from their current issue, and this is my favorite new "look." I have a similar sweet floral top that I am going to wear this weekend under one of the few new buys I got this year, a military-type jacket from LOFT.

Florals in general are huge, like this one from H&M from their newest line. What florals do you have already? Spring 2010 update: freshen them up with a new belt around your natural waist, and some new bangels or long necklaces. Also, pair your looser, flowy tops with short shorts. This look is all over the catalogs, and I am sure you have some of those types of things in your closet.

Pastel colors are apparently a "Spring must" this year... though I wonder when they really aren't. What I have seen them paired with most are nudes -- nude colored heels, or khaki shorts. I definitely have both of those, but if you do not, a pair of nude heels are a great investment, if you are in the market for something new. Side note: you tan girls are lucky because this look looks extra fab on you. As a pale Irish girl, I might stick with the darker "nudes" and "pastels," myself :)

So those are just a few of my favs this year. For me, it will be all about taking what I have, and mixing and matching. Adding a new belt or jewelry can make an old outfit seem new again. You can find some of those great budget-friendly updates at H&M, Khol's and Target.

What are your favorite new trends? What are the staples that you will rotate back in, and how will you update them?