Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Extras I Miss Most

Being on a budget, I have had to cut back on some things -- the little "extras" that I really wish I could have back. Grande Nonfat Chais a few times a week. Random shopping trips to Target. Hitting up the Nine West Outlet each season. Martinis out on the weekends. Even silly things like driving in to work instead of riding MARTA and paying the daily rate without a parking pass.

Hands down, though, the "extra" that I miss most is the weekly manicure and bi-monthly pedicure I used to be able to treat myself. Living at home, I had much more expendable income, and kept up the polish on my fingers and toes like you wouldn't believe. The girls at the nail salon would ask where I'd been if I missed a week -- that's how routine a customer I was. It was a perfect end to a day after work, sitting down and being pampered.

Have you been able to keep up with all of the coupon sites out there? I haven't. I won't lie. As much of a fan as I am of saving money, menu planning, and coupon clipping, I just can't seem to keep up with the deals. I have gotten a ton of deals from ScoutMob that just sit in my Blackberry, waiting to be used. I have a handful of coupons from that I really want to use but always seem to forget about at the last minute. Like last night -- we wanted to go out to eat, and I didn't even think to consider any of the places I had discounts for already. Duh.

Today, I am passing on yet another coupon site to you, but it's because today's deal struck a cord with me, and I think it might sound fab to some of you ladies, too. Thanks Bela and Sarah for sending this one, it's perfect!

It's a mani/pedi deal for $20 at a Buckhead salon. In fact, it's actually only $15 if you haven't signed up on LivingSocial before. Use the link below -- I apparently get more DealBucks if you do! You can also get more DealBucks if you send along a link to your friends. It seems like a nice little deal for all involved :)

A mani/pedi for only $15 is something that I am SO excited to treat myself to. The gunmetal gray polish, while rocker-chic for the winter, is now looking dull in the warm weather. I need some hot pink, and now I can have it, just in time for flip-flop weather and my Easter dress! Enjoy!



Bela Naomi said...

I hit my 3 to get a free one! Goodf luck to you for the same! :-) You're welcome for the tip! with already 1500 people purchasing it though, it may be a while before they're available to use it!

Unknown said...

Bela - I got mine done yesterday and they look FAB! What a great deal. They are going to get so much business from this one!!