Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Shear Truth

Last week, I was inspired by a conversation I had with some girlfriends about hair, and asked you all to respond to a quick survey about hairstyles and colors. Thanks to the 22 of you who responded! Here are some of the results. Click the images to enlarge them. 

First up, hairstyles. A large number of you have apparently had the same style for years! Some of you left comments on the blog saying that you know what works for your own hair, and so you stick with it. I can definitely understand that. When I went to cut my hair into a new bangs-style in January, it was after I realized I had had the same swoop-bang style for about 7 years! It was that realization that prompted me to change it up.

But if I had answered this question, I could have also categorized myself a "seasonal" hairstyle changer. Despite the everlasting side bangs that I had for so long, my hair goes from short to long just like the weather changes. I can't even put a trend to it though -- some summers, I like my hair longer so that I can pull it up when it's too hot outside, but then other summers, I prefer it short so that it is off my neck. Right now, I am heading into summer rocking a short 'do again.

Now, for color. Half of you are currently blondes, half are brunettes. And as I expected, just over half of you color your hair -- mostly to/from brunette and blonde, or some level in between.

The last question I asked was why you all color your hair -- here's what you had to say:

All over the board! Given my conversations with some of you about this topic, I'd guess this is pretty true, even with the small sample size. Women have all sorts of motivators with our hair. We inspect the styles of celebrities, our friends and families, strangers on the street. We duplicate whatever seems to be popular -- be it the "Rachel" or the latest in low-lights. Even if we are trying to be different and create our own style, we are usually using something out there as inspiration.

I brought the topic up at the salon last week. My hairdresser thinks that underneath, most of it can likely be attributed to wanting attention from others. Even if I cut my hair for ME, it is still, somewhere deep down, to get compliments from others. Also, it is interesting to note that she also thinks that a lot of people are afraid of straying from they think "works." She gets clients that ask for a "change," and all they really want done is a one-inch trim.

So here's to getting the haircut and color that fits YOU best. Maybe this is the season to try something new! Ask your stylist next time you see them. Bring in inspirational pictures to help describe what you want. If your stylist is good, they will tell you the truth about what will work on your head, and what won't, and will have ideas for other things that you might like.

What I think I like most about haircuts and styles (and color, for some of you!) is that it can be one of the cheapest makeovers you can do for yourself. No new wardrobe needed. For the price of one salon visit, you can literally transform yourself into something new. So why not go for it??