Monday, April 26, 2010

Take Some Time For You

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun weekend -- whether it was busy and socially-packed, or relaxing and chill. We had some fantastic times this weekend that I will dish about this week, but of it all, I probably most enjoyed the time I was able to focus on Katherine.

I was thrilled to find out earlier this month that a nice little tax refund was coming my way, just in time to help pay off some bills and juice up my savings account. I have really restricted my own shopping splurges over the past 8 to 10 months, spending more on groceries, the mortgage, and household items than on shoes, clothes, and everyday-extras.

There is just something about treating yourself that is so self-help and therapeutic. Men might treat themselves with a round of golf balls at the range, or on beers out with the guys. For women, we gravitate more to things like shopping, or getting our nails done. These little life "extras"  feel great because we don't treat ourselves to them often, and so they remain a special treat.

On Saturday, I used a little of my extra refund money on myself, and it was utterly fantastic. I can't tell you how much I have missed just walking into stores at the mall and buying things for myself. Even better, I took the time at both stores to let the sales staff wait on me completely. I felt like a celebrity, even though in the grand scheme of things, I wasn't spending a whole lot of money. 

I will tell you, I didn't just go in blindly. I did have one real wardrobe need -- two new bras. Nothing like some weight loss to make you realize that some things are just not fitting at all anymore! And I knew I wanted a new pair of shoes. Ok, so what I really need is a new pair of running shoes, but what I really wanted was a less-practical pair; a pair that I could flaunt that night in my party dress. The running shoes can wait. Check out this FINE swanky pair that I picked up at Nine West, complete with a little zipper up the back:

In the end, I spent half my money on some necessities for me, and the other half on some splurges for me. The important thing, though, was that it was all for ME. Whether its $5 for a latte, or $30 on a manicure, or $100 on a dress, I think all of us deserve to reward ourselves here and there, whatever our budget can allow. Earmark some of your budget this week for a little "me time." It's for your own good, I promise :)

Before I go -- a quick reminder about the ticket giveaway to this Saturday's Fashion Show at Lenox! I am so pumped to be able to meet up with one of you for a little Saturday afternoon excursion. I hope you will enter so that we can hang out for an hour or so and get in some serious people-watching. And side note, it's my first big-girl-blogger giveaway, so please enter so that I do not embarrass myself with zero entries ack! :P


Unknown said...

I'm glad you had some you-time this weekend! I did as well, although mine was far less active - I watched Season 1 of 90210. Total guilty pleasure and I loved it!

Unknown said...

Katie - trust me, amid the shopping trip and all the social things in the evenings, I watched... oh probably 5 hours of The Hills marathon. Pathetic. Or awesome? Unsure. :)