Monday, April 5, 2010

Take a Trip to Italy

It was a weekend of sunshine and sunburned arms (must remember sunscreen in purse from now on!). One of post-Lent martinis and chocolate, Easter outfits, friends and family. It was just wonderful. I hope yours was, too!

At church on Sunday, I looked around and thought, where are the Easter bonnets? I would wear an Easter hat in a split second if grown women today still wore them at Mass. But when did this fall out of fashion for younger girls? I saw one little girl with her Easter bonnet on. One. What a shame.

Side note: It is one of my goals in the near future to go to a horse race and wear a proper hat. I guess the horse race would be fun to watch, too, but for me it's really about that hat :P

A few weeks back, our friend recommended that we hit up one of the newer pizza places in town, Antico Pizza. And wow oh wow, I literally sat there and took a ton of mental notes to come back and share with you all -- it is that good.

Have you been to Antico yet? For Georgia Tech alumni, you might not even realize that it is right off GT's campus off of Hemphill, in the place of that Cajun-cooking restaurant that was there for so many years. Antico has been named one of the best new pizza places in town since it opened in the Fall in almost all of the magazines and papers, and anyone that I know that has gone has raved. In fact, a quick search of the foodie blogs in town, and Antico is on almost all of them. Fabulous.

It's important to note that Antico is very Italian-pizza. Do not expect this to be like your favorite neighborhood NYC-style pie. These pizzas are light, covered with rustic toppings, and then torched in under 5 minutes in a huge flaming stone oven. It is so fast, our pizzas were just coming out of the oven as we made our way into the kitchen, where you can stand around and mingle with your friends family-style.

We tried the Capricciosa with mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto, and their famous buffalo mozzarella on top. Our friends grabbed another pie, and we split them both across five (very hungry) people. The dough is incredibly light, and so you can have a few more slices than you probably would of a normal NYC-style pie. And while the prices are not cheap, they are reasonable and worth it for what you get. The flavor of the pizza is to-die-for. Our crust got a bit torched in the flames, but other than that, it was perfection.

And oh my goodness. I made a mental note to come back as soon as Lent was over because of this case alone. My #1 dessert weakness. They also have fresh gelato that my friends said was fantastic.

Antico makes for a perfect night for a trip to Italy without ever leaving town. Get there early, as I hear it can get packed. If you can, sit in the kitchen -- the prep is fun to watch up close. It is BYOB, so bring a bottle of your favorite inexpensive wine to share.

What's your favorite pie on the menu? I am dying to try the Lasagna one next time, yum!


Nicole R. said...

Antico is the best! Love that place!

Unknown said...

Nicole - I couldn't believe how much I loved their pizza. Amazing!