Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Night With The Symphony

When I graduated from high school, I was one of those overly-involved types. You know the one. Lots of clubs, organizations, and volunteer activities to list on my college application. Orchestra, swim team, church youth group.... Oh my goodness, the list was never-ending. And I liked it that way. It kept me busy.

But when I got to Georgia Tech, I went MIA on involvement. I decided that, for once, I would sit back and figure out where I had interests, and which groups sounded like the best match for me. No need to jump right in. I spent a lazy Fall and Spring on campus making friends, going to (and skipping) classes, and spending some serious time in the gym (hellooo Freshman 15).

By that spring, I had at least narrowed down the organizations to the ones I wanted to be really involved in and hold leadership positions in someday, like the orientation program and Ambassadors (hey, Social Chair counts). I also had discovered that I wanted to get a job. I needed not only money and something to keep me busy after classwork was done, but I wanted to learn about a new industry and garner some job skills while I was at it.

Side note: This picture is of me on graduation morning a few years back. I thought it imperative to start the day with a Bloody Mary for the trip to the Dome. An apron over the party dress was thus a must :P

And so along came the GT Alumni Association and my job in their Events Department. It turned out to be the perfect fit, because it is an organization that I am still very involved with today as a Young Alum. Those of you who know me know, you know that I love to plan events!

Right now I am helping plan a most swank night on the town in a few weeks for our GT Intown Alumni Club -- the 3rd Annual GT Night at the Symphony with the ASO! I wanted to pass it on to you all, just in case you were looking for a fun Saturday night option with a very affordable price tag. $42 gets you heavy appetizers, an unlimited bar, and the ticket for the show. No better deal around for Verdi AND vino, I'd say.

So for all of you who went to Georgia Tech, went to an ACC school, or even just live in the Atlanta area and "know" me. Consider this fun night on the town, and grab a ticket today!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was going to be here, it sounds like a great night!


Unknown said...

Aw thanks Laurie! We will miss you - you were always my #1 fan for GT events and I love you for it! :)