Friday, April 16, 2010

Wash, Cut, and Color

At the fantastic Patio Opening Party for Nava the other night, I got into a fun discussion with a few gal pals about haircuts, hair color, and why it seems girls are always itching for a change. Do you notice that the men in our lives probably have kept the same hair style for years?

So why do women feel the urge to switch it up all the time? Are we following the protocol set out by celebrities who change appearances overnight? Do we feel pressured to change hair styles just like we do spring to summer wardrobes? And what I find most fascinating is how we will still drop $50 every few months on our hair, despite otherwise tight budgets.

I am sure these answers depend on the person, but to start, I am curious to know a little about you and your hair! I will share the results here as a wrap up after everyone has a chance to take the survey. Note: If you read my blog in your Reader, you need to click through to open up the survey, it looks like gibberish on RSS :)

In the meantime, also leave your general thoughts here as comments if you so desire :) TGIF!


Lauren said...

Fun topic Katherine! For me, the major hair style changes have coincided with a major life event, like a breakup. It's been fun to try something new but I always go back to the same old same old. I've learned to just save my money on "trying something new" and stick with what I know works!!

Unknown said...

I highlight my hair, but its been blonde, highlighted and shoulder length for basically as long as i can remember.

I had this awful 6 week phase in college where I decided to "become a brunette" and that quickly backfired and I got it fixed!

Otherwise, blondie all the way and I will not be changing it anytime soon!

Unknown said...

Lauren and Katie: you are lucky you can pick just one style, I must be ADD when it comes to my haircut! :P