Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buckhead Happy Hour Time

I don't know about you, but this nice weather has me planning late-week after-work outings starting around Tuesday! This week was no exception, since a fun sounding event right in the Buckhead neighborhood popped up in my Reader, courtesy of The Quick + Dirty Dirty

The Q+DD is co-blogged by two ATL ladies who always know what's going on around town. I love their tagline: "Where to Play When You're in the A," how hilarious. Their random posts always make me laugh because they write like they'd talk -- very casual with a lot of shortened catchphrases. Since you know I am a big fan of that too (hello, "fab" and "ridic" --- my brother loves this about me. Not.), I feel like I am reading the blog of a long-lost friend.

Side Note: I am super envious of their Bucket List -- 150 (!!) things to do while you are in Atlanta. What a genius idea. I am printing this off as reference for those random weekends when "I have nothing to do." Also, for days when "I have nothing to write about on Bhead Betty." Just kidding. Except not really. Some days I am just inspiration-less.

But back to this weekend. Q+DD is hosting their very first event at Whiskey Blue, on top of the W Buckhead. They are going to have some drink specials, but I am honestly more looking forward to just hanging out on this swank rooftop bar on a (sunny?) Friday afternoon after a hectic workweek.

Some ladies are already planning on joining me -- would you like to join us too? See you there!


Lauren said...

I follow the Q+DD too, they are hilar! The event sounds fun, Whiskey Blue is amazing, you will love it!!

Unknown said...

I am really looking forward to it - I have been there once and it was a blast, so swank!!

corrie said...

ohh! i may come by - i have a party around that area that doesn't start til 7. what time are you planning on going?

Unknown said...

We will probably be there around 6! Hope to see you there!!

Unknown said...

Katherine, why are you so awesome???

Loved this. Sorry I'm reading it so late. I am lame. :)

Lauren from the Q+DD

Unknown said...

Hahah no Lauren, YOU are awesome!! So fun to see you there that night!

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