Friday, May 14, 2010

My Hair Rebellith

The single thing I really, seriously, hugely dislike about living in Atlanta is the humidity. I know that places like South Carolina and Florida have bad humidity too, but I mean, come on, those states are like Deep South swampland, right? Northeast Georgia is 5 hours from the ocean, and we have hills! It's so unfair. Add humidity to being in the middle of city high-rises? It's no wonder people in New York call us "Hotlanta."

I take sMARTA into to work every day, and walk to the train. I mostly like being green. However, in the 5-minute walk to the train, and then the 5-10 minute wait on the outdoor platform, my hair decides during the summer that it's a good time to go crazy. I hear humidity and hair is a bad combination, but looking around at other ladies, it doesn't seem to affect some hair as much as it does mine. All these years in the South, and you'd think my hair would have evolved. Nope.

What a thing of beauty. Yes, I took a shower this morning. And yes, I blew my hair out straight.

It is a mystery. Why does it choose to flip up on only one side? Why does a short walk seem to turn on some hormone in my hair follicles? Why can't it remember that I just scorched it straight with like 300 degree heat? Why don't these anti-humidity products work the way they claim?

So if you happen to bump into this Betty during that 30-minute commute on summer mornings, know that my hair is going to look like this.

But also know that I have a secret weapon in my bag. A flat iron is a wonderful thing. After 5 minutes at work, my hair magically transforms itself back into the sleek cut that I paid for.

Ahh. Now I can relax.

Happy Friday, Friends! Check back this weekend for a recap on the fantastic Whole Foods torta demo class, and other fun things coming up to put in your planners for next week!

PS. Apparently it is #BloggersWithoutMakeup Day. Since I look like I am 15 when I have no mascara on, and I am at work all day attempting to be professional, you won't be getting any makeup-free shots of me today. Perhaps tomorrow? :)


Unknown said...

Apparently hair grows in a circle from the center of your head, hence the one side flipping out and the other flipping in. Used to drive me crazy too, but now my hair's long enough to where you can't really tell :)

Unknown said...

Well that makes sense!! Thanks for clearing up that part of the mystery :)

Unknown said...

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