Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Creature of Habit

When I arrive at work each morning, I am a creature of habit. If I didn't do so already on the train on my Bberry, I check Twitter and Facebook, and quickly reply to any outstanding Gmails. Then I open work email and attend to anything pressing for a bit before the meetings start to kick in.

And then I open up Google Reader.

I am lucky that part of my job really requires me to be hip to a lot of things in the news -- mom/women bloggers and tech/social media in particular, both of which are areas that interest me in general anyways! -- because I am a complete news whore. I read the news compulsively, and often find myself reading things that I am only a little interested in, just for the sake of adding yet another kernel of factoid to my head. It's no wonder I suffer from migraines :)

Being a creature of habit though, my Reader-checking follows a pattern. I scan to my favorite blogs first. I save some for the afternoon when I need a 10-minute mental break from work (ok, the wedding fashion blogs, I will admit), and other things for lunchtime when I can sit back and read through the more verbose posts (you know who you are. I love your random rants and raves).

Hands down though, the first blog I look at every single day is Marriage Confessions. It's a perfect example of Real Life Friends vs. Online Friends, and how closely they can be tied sometimes. Katie's sister Ginny is a PR-Girl friend from here in town, and the old roommate of a former co-worker of mine. I started followed MC when Katie was first pregnant with Bean and still a small-town blogger up in CT. Now Bean Man is now about to turn 1 years old, and her blog has begun to skyrocket with sponsorships and a serious reader following. How time flies.

I can honestly say that Bean (not his real name) is quite possibly one of the most adorable little boys I have ever seen. I know, people say that about all little kids. But man, this kid knows how to work a camera -- look at those eyes!

What I love most about this site (other than loving that kid) is that Katie's posts are so honest and candid, while at the same time extremely hilarious. I would be lying if I said I did not look to her style of writing as an example to model my own after. I would love to meet Katie and her family in person one day. Just like she wants to meet Pioneer Woman. I'd love to meet all of them, actually. I am delegating this blogger meet-up to Katie. Go girl, plan.

I am curious what your favorite blog or news site is -- other than Facebook et al, what is your first thing you check in the morning online? Why do you like that site? If we all share our die-hard fav, that is that many more favorite sites we can each add to our RSS feeds!


Lindsay said...

I use my itouch to keep up with my reader favorites! Perfect while I nurse little girl or hold her while she sleeps!!!Yours is in my reader... I read lots of mommy blogs (especially those with babies Ansleys age). Some of my favorite blogs...,,, and I always love reading updates on personal friends blogs!

The Mailman said...

I check every single webcomic feed I follow, then I check Warming Glow (TV Blog), Videogum (tv/movies/random stuff humor), and my array of cheap stuff blogs (Shirt.woot, Totally Free Crap, Daily Checkout, Slickdeals, Half Off Depot).

Unknown said...

Lindsay - great idea about reading them on your iTouch, I wish my Bberry was better for reading long articles :) I can't wait to check some of those out that you mentioned!

And C - I haven't heard of some of those, I am going to add them!!