Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hidden Hotspots are Hip

First up, mad props to my colleague Kathryn for sending me a new site that I had never heard of that keeps you in-the-know about area events: Urban Daddy.

Have you heard of this site yet? It is relatively new to ATL. It's in the same thread as Daily Candy, ScoutMob and Groupon, featuring deals and hot spots, but all with an elusive-vibe. The places and events they highlight in their daily emails are under the radar, but definitely at the top of the socialite agenda in town. Not in Atlanta? They have other city versions, too, so check their site.

Here's a little run-down of recent night spots Urban Daddy has highlighted. All are officially on my to-do list. Who else is in?

Koo Koo Room
Where: 1140 Crescent Ave, down stairwell to left of Flip Flops, 404-985-5775
What: Apparently it is dark and intimate, with lots of spots to hunker down and get a bottle of your favorite booze. The DJ brings a late-night party, attracting in particular the bartender crowd on Wednesdays for Industry Night.

Monday Night Brewery
Where: Westside Atlanta, email for specific directions
What: Urban Daddy terms it the Fight Club of Beer, love it. This one is low-key, housed at the CEO's house. But how cool, you can show up and drink (for free, I believe!) and give them your feedback!

Where: Near Door 44 in Midtown - corner of Peachtree Walk and 12th. Open Fri-Sat, 10PM-3AM
What: Unmarked doors are just so intriguing aren't they? This speak-easy type lounge is invite-only, but tell them "Urban Daddy" and you're in. Way easier than the whole phone number thing at Prohibition, I'd say :P


Kemper said...

HI--- Is there an email address for you? I am casting a new food show and looking for an amazing host. Would like to give you the details. Can you email me at foodiecasting@me.com

I look forward to hearing from you!
Kemper Jackson
Casting Producer
Super Delicious Productions