Monday, May 17, 2010

Solo Social Time

When was the last time you went out somewhere alone?

Our society is a very social one. We may go to the grocery store or the nail salon alone, yes, but usually, when we make plans for the weekend, it includes friends. Or family. Or a significant other. God forbid if we have to sit at a bar alone with our drink, or eat without a book at the corner table in your favorite restaurant.

This past weekend, I said nay to all of that. I went out after work on Friday completely alone.

And you know what? It was actually quite fun :)

Sometimes I just get a craving to have Katherine-time. And this weekend was perfect timing for it. Literally about 70% of my friends and family were at the beach (hate you all), leaving my calendar wide open to pencil in things that have been on my own to-do list. Cleaning and newspaper reading and pool-lounging were all involved. But there were also some social scenes I was dying to hit up, and being alone was not going to hold me back!

The first thing I did solo was the Torta Demo class on Thursday. That was like a warm-up. I didn't really have to talk to anyone, but I did anyways, and lo and behold, I met some interesting people while enriching my cooking knowledge. Score!

Friday evening I had plans to hit up the Q+DD party at the W Hotel in Buckhead, upstairs at Whiskey Blue. Despite living just a stone's throw away from that place, I had never been, so I was looking forward to taking the blue elevator up to the roof. The few friends I was planning on going with had other plans come up, though, and for a fleeting second, I thought, well maybe I can just head home and watch a movie or something. But then I realized how lame that sounded for a city gal on a Friday night, and so I strode into Whiskey Blue with no real plan and no particular people I was expecting to see.

And it was fabulous!!

The two gals over at Q+DD were fabulous hostesses, introducing me around once I had met the two of them myself. I can't wait to see them out and about sometime soon again -- nice party, ladies! I also got to catch up with a friend from GT who came with her co-workers.

So I made friends, I had a beer in the sun after work (always a winning combo) and I didn't just sit at home alone. And single friends, take note -- I also noticed that there is something intriguing about the girl (or guy) that is there solo. Other people are less intimidated to come and talk to you than they would be if you were surrounded by 3 friends. Perhaps the perfect way to meet your next date/fling/significant other?? It takes some guts, yes, but just remember to smile, and someone is bound to chat with you!

PS. Whiskey Blue = my new fav local bar for a night on the town. So swank and right next door.

So back to that opening question -- when was the last time you went out somewhere alone? What was that experience like for you? For me, I had a blast, and actually might plan to do it again sometime soon :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the Starwood/W Love, Kat! Let me know if you ever need help getting inside the velvet ropes. -AA

Unknown said...

Oooh Ashish well now that you offer... haha j/k friend :P

Lindsay Chason said...

I am a huge fan of going out alone... but I only do it every now and again in Atlanta. Mainly when I travel! It's strangely relaxing and freeing at the same time. Cheers!

Ashley said...

I seem to recall that you have been to Whiskey Blue fact we started the party there not too long ago! You know it's bad if the Bachelorette remembers the places the party hit up more than you! :)

Unknown said...

Lindsay - good point about traveling! That is when I should practice my solo social time too!

And Ash - you are SO right. I failed to mention that while I had been there prior, I really wanted to revisit... not after a football game and mid-bachelorette this time haha. Also, it is true, I have never been up the blue elevator on the front since we went in via the W last time, so maybe that's what I was thinking?! LOL :P

Lindsay said...

it was so great meeting you at our happy hour! thanks for keeping me company at the beginning!!

Unknown said...

Lindsay - so good meeting you too! That was a great event. Love meeting online people in real life!

Unknown said...

Katherine! I am so behind, I just saw this! Thank you thank you thank you for coming...hope to see you at the next event, and would love to hang out again soon! Love making new friends! You're adorable.

xx, LK

Unknown said...

Thanks Lauren!! You both are awesome!!