Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Talking the Taboo

I grew up in the South. I learned very early on that there are two things that a proper Southern gal does not talk about in public -- politics, and money. Well, while the former has become more mainstream these days, especially with the recent Gulf oil spill and all sorts of formerly-taboo topics now more open like religion, the latter still remains a largely untouched topic.

In the last year or two, I read an article about how Generation Y, we Millennials, actually talk more about money with our peers than other generations. Maybe its a byproduct of our competitive nature, or of the tumultuous job industry around us as we sit on the mid- to bottom-rungs of our corporate ladders. Maybe its to reassure ourselves that, no, we aren't alone in our habits to coupon-clip or skip outings because our paychecks haven't come in yet.

I joined a group called Twenty-Something-Bloggers many months ago, but I admit, I have not kept up with this crowd as much as I had intended. But an email blast caught my eye last week, prompting all 20SB members to write a post about "Friends and Money." The idea: it's a Blog Carnival, a community-wide event in which everyone posts around the same topic. They give us a few days to get the post up, and then they highlight a few posts that really stand out. They also ask that you take a Financial Fitness Quiz (I scored a sad "Middle of the Road").

Ok, I'm game! But being the Southern Betty(wannabe) that I am, I still find it extremely difficult and inappropriate to really talk about money in specifics with my friends. It's so personal! Yes, we might compare our rents and utilities, and our recent buys at the mall, but no, we do not talk shop about salaries and mortgages. That's over the line.

So instead, I am going to focus here today on the Top Ten Things I Like to Splurge On ... Or Don't. That's right, I am combining a 20SB Post with my Top Ten Tuesday list, FTW!

I Go All Out:
1. A good mani/pedi every few months.

2. Football season tickets. Football in the South comprises the entire Fall social calendar. Missing out could compromise your social status! (Just kidding. Kind of.)

3. My haircuts. A girl's gotta look good.

4. Restaurant Dining. When I go out to eat, it's not (usually) to the local pizza joint. I save up for multiple 5-star courses + drinks = food coma.

5. Hotel rooms. I really really really dislike cheapo bedding, cheapo towels and cheapo carpets. Gross. It's called the Priceline Negotiator.

Hold the Sugar: 
6. My daily Starbucks Grande Nonfat Chai. I shoot for once or twice a month now.  

7. Lunches in the Food Court at work. No, thanks.

8. Jeans. I have not yet gotten to the point where I can shell out any more than $60 for a pair. Yet.

9. Name brand items at the grocery store. Store-brand is such a better deal! Except for Skippy Peanut Butter. That's one I don't cheat on.

10. Personal trainers. This is high up on the list of things I would splurge on if I could, though. For now, the budget calls for only having a personal trainer by the name of Katherine. Le sigh.

So let's hear it -- what is one thing YOU splurge on, and one thing you don't?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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linda said...

I like to splurge on handbags. But since I do not like spending money I do not have many. But they really make me happy.

Now i want a new one... ;)

Alicia said...

Date nights are definitely one way that we splurge (within budget!). :)

Zion said...

It's scary to me that you mentioned twenty somethings because I just turned 28, I am almost out of the group :(. Funny enough I do not splurge on hair, but I've got to have brand name toilet paper.

Unknown said...

Linda and Alicia, right there with you with those splurges!

Haha and Natalie, you are so funny with the toilet paper, but I know what you mean, I would do that with nicer tissues, since the cheapo ones always hurt my nose :)

SpitFire said...

I don't splurge on makeup...Avon on mega-sale is fine by me.

I will splurge on shoes, because crappy shoes are just a crime. (Now if I can find quality shoes on sale..boo-yeah!!!)

Unknown said...

Oh, shoes, shoes!!! My total weakness, but I get a high from getting them on sale :P And I am total Cover Girl all the way so I feel ya!

mandi@itscome2this said...

Fun list! I agree with name brand peanut butter & ketchup too:) And I'm an ATL girl - born & raised, so it's nice to {virtually} meet you!

Unknown said...

Wonderful to meet you too, Mandi! Hello!! :) And YES to the Ketchup!! It's Heinz all the way for me haha.

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