Friday, July 30, 2010

Freaky Fridays

Do you ever have some Fridays where you feel more emotionally/physically/mentally worn out than others? I do, and today is one of them. I am attributing it to the headache slash low-grade migraine that I have been battling all week long (I have issues with atmosphere changes, so these evening summer storms this week have been killing me) but no matter the reason, I am especially glad today is Friday and that the weekend is soon upon us!

Word on the street is that in two weeks, some of our local brewpubs are planning to help us out on very such a Friday, where we all need to kickoff the weekend extra well. Enter the Freaky Friday Atlanta Brewpub Crawl, running from 6-11 PM on Friday, Aug. 13.

Truth be told, you can't beat this deal unless you are going to a beer fest. And while the German Bierfest is very very awesome, it's a whole-day event. The FF Crawl is only 3 hours -- much more manageable if you plan on being at all productive for the rest of your weekend :)

The FF Crawl is featuring three area brewpubs -- Five Seasons Westside (love!), Max Lager's in Downtown, and Twain's in Decatur. Each one will be offering a special cask ale for only, get this, $3 per glass. Hop on and off a bus circuit to go from each place at your own leisure. Tickets for the bus circle are $5 in advance, $9 day of. All in all, you are getting quite the tour of town, and as long as you set up some transportation to/from the event, you are set to drink your cask off!

Pick up your tickets ahead of time at any of the pubs --
Five Seasons Westside -- 1000 Marietta St., Atlanta, 404-875-3232
Max Lager’s -- 320 Peachtree St., Atlanta, 404-525-4400
Twain’s -- 211 E. Trinity Place, Decatur, 404-373-0063



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