Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: A Bucket List of Sorts

In a small twist of fate, this week I am heading up to my hometown of Roswell, Georgia to participate in a photo shoot.

I have always wanted to go to one of these. I swoon over the engagement shoots that I see on Southern Weddings and Once Wed. I get inspired when I see the swanky head shots of my fav bloggers and posts of their own personal photography work. Home decor spreads like those at Elements of Style and Inspired by This are just divine. It all looks like so much fun, both behind and in front of the camera!

My good friends are two of the new interns over at Leah and Mark photography, and they are all kicking things off with a photo shoot session. I, lucky gal that I am, have been asked to come along and be a "model." They obviously do not yet realize that I LOVE taking and being in pictures, so this is a treat for me!

BUT, one thing I am not very skilled in are these high-res pictures that most bloggers produce these days. You know the ones -- adorable kids playing, gorgeous flowers in gardens, melt-in-your-mouth dishes. I do not, for one, own the right equipment that is behind the magic, nor know anything about the way to use it. Pioneer Woman has a whole section on her site about photography, too, from Photoshop to aperture. But have I read any of it? Nope.

PW's pictures make me want to literally lick the screen.I just ate lunch, and my stomach just started growling again. Only she can make things as mundane as meatball sliders or berry crumble look so gourmet.

Until I am inspired enough to tackle this new challenge, it remains on my bucket list of things I want to learn... someday. Every adult has some of these -- some are small, like how to sew a hem, or some might be big, like learning a new language. It's having a list like this that keeps us challenged in our everyday lives, and gives us inspiration when we are feeling down. I might not feel up to some of these things right this moment, but someday I will get the urge to attempt one.

So I thought, what better way to share some of mine with you in the meantime than through Top Ten {Tuesday}!

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things I Want To Learn

1. How to cook a huge piece of meat and trim it all by myself. It is usually a job reserved for the man of the house, but whatever, I want to know how, too.

2. How to take amazing, amazing pictures. Until I get an upgraded digital camera, though, my inspiration is pretty low. I recognize that my compact digital camera circa 2003 isn't going to capture that same quality, let alone almost any pictures at this point (it's official: the request for a new digi is going on the Christmas Wish List!) And while my old manual camera is actually really sweet, do people even use regular film anymore?!

3. How to SCUBA dive. Though I am absolutely terrified of something going wrong down there...

4. How to play golf. This one is one of the more likely to happen in the upcoming months and years -- I have the clubs, I have the athletic strength, now I just need to find the right pro for (affordable) lessons at convenient times close to Buckhead. Suggestions?

5. How to change my oil, and other car basics. I have been a true Betty in the automobile department, having the men in my life help me with any issues that have arisen. But I want to at least know some basics in the odd chance that I have to go to the shop alone. I hate getting taken advantage of just because I am a (by-choice) clueless woman.

6. How to tell wines apart both on the menu and by taste. This might require a vineyard or tasting trip or two. And it also might require that I not get tipsy off of two glasses right up front. Alas.

7. How to do my own taxes. Oh wait, just kidding, I have no desire to ever learn how to do this.

8. How to speak basic Italian. I am putting this down, but I am 95% certain that it will never happen. Katherine and learning foreign languages don't really mix. Take the failed Spanish major turned minor turned certificate as example #1. Thank goodness people in Madrid spoke a lot of English for those six weeks I was there. But wouldn't it be so romantic to be in a little sidewalk cafe sipping an espresso and just be able to converse with the other people around you? Le sigh...

9. How to not take things so personally. I can get offended by strangers looking at me the wrong way, I kid you not. Where is the Jersey girl backbone I thought I had? I need to toughen up sometimes.

10. How to keep myself motivated with workouts, even when I am not able to pay extra for a gym membership or cardio classes. It is a constant struggle ...

Your turn: What are two things on your Bucket List of things to learn in your life?
Top Ten {Tuesday}


Annette Renee White said...

Learning Italian is on my Bucket List too! I've been working on it for about 20 years :0

I love your list.
Good Luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks Annette! I love your post about the Seven Smashing Posts - that was like OhAmanda did on her Top Ten Tuesday too, and it's awesome to get a quick recap of a blogger's own personal favs! Great blog!