Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: You Deserve It

As I was driving myself into work today (what a treat to drive rather than take MARTA, though I will regret the decision later while sitting in rush hour traffic), I was planning out my evening activities. While a workout is likely on my agenda in some form, I am thinking about limiting it to weights and abs tonight so that I can also fit in a few errands. Publix is at the top of that list for the week's groceries, but more and more, I am also considering heading over for a little me-time at the nail salon.

Around the age of 8, I was a hardcore nail biter. I don't know what instigated that in me as such a young girl, but I just couldn't stop. I even bit them with that gross anti-bite nail polish on that tastes horrible. At some point though, I started to notice that my mom's nails were always pretty with polish, each one shiny and perfect. I wanted that! My parents decided to make a deal with me -- if I was to stop biting my nails for some period of time (I think it was months!), my Dad was going to treat me to a salon manicure just like he treated my Mom.

Deal! I got cute polish put on after my nails grew out, and I never looked back. Yes, I was that preteen (and ok, fine, 17 year old) that painted her nails blue for swim meets to match our suits, green and red at the holidays, and pretty pink for spring. I even experimented with French manicure kits. Something about the time and patience it took to do my own nails really satiated my OCD-prone personality.

Since then, in an effort to save money for the bigger things in life, I have been doing my own manicures and pedicures more frequently than not. Back when I was first working and all I had to do was save for my down-payment, I went to the salon weekly for polish changes. What a life. Now, I am lucky to go once every few months. Today... well today is one of those days! Every gal deserves a little pampering here and there at the salon.

What else do we all deserve? We have busy, crazy lives, men and women alike.

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things We All Deserve In Life

We all deserve ...

1. ... not to have to do anything we don't want on our birthdays. It is a special day, after all, so why not spend it how YOU want? Save up a vacation day and sleep in! Go shopping, or to the golf course! If you have a family, make sure they know what you'd like to do that day.

2. ... to have someone we can call at the end of the day to unwind, joke around, and vent, whether it's a best friend, a parent, or a significant other.

3. ... to buy ourselves something when we are feeling down. I did this yesterday, and my vice is shoes (Nine West, on sale, don't hate). A cold soda at the vending machine, though, can be surprisingly just as helpful too :)

4. ... the ability to throw out the me-time card and turn down social plans. Don't you hate it when you turn down fun plans and feel guilty for missing out? I try to remind myself that the me-time is needed, and I will be a much better person for it later.

5. ... the knowledge and skill for at least one or two recipes we can make on a whim. I don't care if you are male or female -- at some point, you will be expected to contribute to a pot-luck and no, store-bought cookies really are not appropriate. You are an adult now, go be creative ;)

6. ... friends that are not just fair-weather friends. Friends that are only friends with you when it's convenient to them are often not really worth it. I struggle with this on a daily basis and try to remind myself that some of my friends are really only social friends and nothing more, and I shouldn't expect more than that of them. But my core friends, they better be game-on no matter what is going on in my life, because I give that same respect to them.

7. ... a daily 5-minute zen period. It can be in the shower, in front of the TV, or on the train during a commute. I like to take a few minutes to reflect on whatever is going on, without stressing out or making to-do lists. 

8. ... a job that challenges us and makes us feel productive and needed. If you aren't in that job, speak up, because you have earned it.

9. ... to feel handsome or pretty. Find people that make you feel that way, and keep them around!

10. ... some fun! What can I do today to make it more fun? On the short list is that mani/pedi ... but I know that workout will make me feel happy too. Just gotta motivate myself into the gym haha.

Your turn -- what else do we all deserve that isn't on this list?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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~~~Alana~~~ said...

Thanks for the reminders! I think I need some fun today too!!!

ohAmanda said...

I love this! I'm getting that me-time right now reading blogs! Love it!!


Sheri said...

I absolutely love this list! Unfortunately, I didn't do anything fun today - need to make up for it soon!

Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly agree with each and every item on your list! Thanks for the reminder :)

Unknown said...

Yay thank you everyone! I am so glad you liked the list too - we all have to make some time for ourselves AND fun in our days, however much we can fit in, right? :)

Maryanne said...

Excellent list, Katherine. You will be happy to know that Nail Concepts is in a new place and they have a butterfly chair for pedicures!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mom! And YAY I can't wait to see their new digs :)