Friday, August 13, 2010


My name is Katherine, and I think I might suffer from schizophrenia.

It is a form of schizophrenia only related to my habits. Actually, only to my shopping habits.

Yes, it is true, I fear I may be a schizophrenic shopper ... or at least in danger of becoming one if I don't watch myself. 

What is a schizophrenic shopper, you might ask? Here are some of the common symptoms:

* You clip coupons religiously for the grocery store ... but when it comes time for a caffeine boost, you have no trouble handing over $4 for a Starbucks speciality latte. (Especially if it's largely because you like having the cup. What? I don't think that's SO uncommon...)

* You shop the sale racks at Target for the best dresses, but then head over to the Mall for new pair of Louboutins because you had a bad week.

* You hate forking over $1 for parking, but throw down $50 for the dinner inside to celebrate it being Saturday.

* You grumble when your power bill goes up by $3, but you call to complain to the company on your brand-new iPhone4. 

If you have experienced any of these or other alarming symptoms, never fear. You are not alone.

This concept is not new. We all spend money differently, and many of us are more likely to skimp on less-important items so that we can splurge on what's important to us. That's what having a budget is all about.

But now that they have termed this whole phenomenon with the word "schizophrenic" ... well, let's just say I brought my lunch today and am resisting the 3pm Starbucks run :P

Are you a schizo-shopper too? What are your weaknesses?

PS. Did you see the interview by Matt Lauer this morning of Lindsey Lohan's mom? Dina apparently means DENIAL in another language. That woman is such a wack job. She did everything she could to not answer a single question directly. #interviewFAIL.


Cindy said...

Totally me too about Starbucks and the cup. Love it. And I won't even park in a parking deck... I am all about finding a spot on the street but then of course heading into brunch or dinner with friends and dropping forty or fifty bucks.

Unknown said...

Cindy - we schizo shoppers are def in the majority, I think! :)