Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Get Some Pizzazz

A while back, I asked people to share with me their favorite blogs that they read first every day. And at the time, I had promised that I would share, in return, a list of all of the favorite blogs out there -- yours and mine. But, I must admit, the sheer number of blogs I wanted to include in such a list has intimidated me ever since, and so I put it on the backburner.

Then I thought, maybe I can subdivide it into topics. I decided to tackle first my Reader folder named "Food and Design Blogs." As a testament to how HUGE this category is on the blogosphere, I now have ... 55 blogs in that folder. And 15 more that I have not bookmarked yet but try to keep up with. Moreover, the terms "food" and "design" have expanded to include things like "wedding design" and "Atlanta-area events" too. #ORGANIZINGFAIL.  

Now it's time for Top Ten {Tuesday}, and I think it might be a perfect time to (finally) start off that list -- slash reorganize that folder while I am at it. I am going to share with you only general design and event blogs to start. And I am only limited to ten blogs, and so no one can be offended that their own blog or their favorite isn't on here!

But since it's only ten, I want your input on more. Not that I need any more blogs to read each day. The volume of my Reader subscription is pretty embarrassing as it is -- but I am really curious what other sites you reference.

So if you like pretty pictures and aspire (or at least dream) to make your home or party look a centerfold in a magazine shoot, these blogs will be right up your alley. Enjoy!

Top Ten {Tuesday}: My Favorite Design and Event Blogs

1. Charm Home -- This gal is local and oh so smart about what works and what doesn't for decor. I love her style.

2. Elements of Style -- Hailing from Boston, Erin combines fashion, decor, and personal life into one fun read.

3. Inspired by This -- Ok, fine, this is a wedding blog, which should be on my Favorite Wedding Blog list (next on the list to-do), but I love the style they focus on, rather than the whole dress-vows-guests thing. So there, I am breaking my own rule.

4. Peacock Feathers -- She had me at her whimsical Blogger design.

5. The Love List -- Love. Love. Love. Not descriptive enough for you? Click through, you will agree.

6. This Photographer's Life -- Another local girl, Blayne is up and coming on the scene and really knows her stuff.

7. Pizzazzerie -- I just found out about this site today. I LOVE that the girl behind it is about my age, and I LOVE that the site is ueber-cute to boot. How can you go wrong?

8. Create My Event -- Back to the basics. A perfect spot if you need party inspiration for any theme.

9. Hostess with the Mostess -- How could you not include this mainstay on any design/event list?

10. Casa Sugar -- This one's high on the list of ones for which I mostly "skim the headlines" rather than read each post, but the Sugar brand usually pulls through with a few cute ideas every week.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Erica said...

Yay! I love finding new blogs to read, so this is very exciting. I know what I'll be doing for the next couple of hours... ;)


Unknown said...

E - YAY I am so glad you found it to be a fun list! I hope you find some new favs off it, they are all such great blogs to stop by.

ohAmanda said...

Yay! Design / event blogs are my Dave. I can't wait to look thru all of these!!