Friday, September 10, 2010

Help the Kids With Cards

The air is (slowly, but surely) getting cooler. Football season is here. The stores are switching shelves over for Halloween costumes. I took down the red, white, and blue star wreath on my door and will replace it tonight with an autumnal leafy one. The season is changing!

Before we know it though, the season is going to be changing upon us yet again, and we will be full-throttle heading into holiday season. I myself have already purchased a few gifts for family members (SO unusual!), and I grabbed a few holiday decor items on sale recently, too. You can never be too prepared, especially when we all know it's going to be here before we know it.

Why not think ahead towards your holiday cards while you are at it? Cards are good to order now, ahead of the rush, so that you can work on them early. This way, they will arrive to their recipients during the actual holiday season, unlike my imaginary cards that I never do and procrastinate on and thus never actually send.

(I love you all. Don't worry, it wasn't just you that didn't ever get a card from me. It was everyone.)

I do a lot of work with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta through my client Aflac, and recently received a mailer about their 2010 Holiday Cards.

You guys, these things are precious.

They feature original images drawn by patients at CHOA and their other young friends, and nice messages on the inside, too.

The best part is, all the proceeds go towards the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of CHOA!

If you want to order your set for the busy season ahead, head over to their website now before you get wrapped up in all the other Fall craziness. And then sit back and relax, knowing that you not only helped out a great program, but won't be stressing over picking out generic, boring cards come November. 

Happy Weekend!

Disclaimer: CHOA does great work with kids, and I have volunteered with them on the side outside of work. This post is completely my own opinion and doing.