Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Are Your Atlanta Favorites?

Best of Atlanta 2010

I am not even going to bother trying to summarize this year's Creative Loafing "Best of Atlanta 2010" lists. There are just too many goodies in the multiple lists, both from the Critics and the Readers.

Here are just a few highlights, though -- then, you can click through and see them all yourself :)

First, some Critics picks ...

Best New Restaurant and Best Pizza (I guess they won both categories? Haha) -- Antico Pizza (swoon)

Best Bargain Women's Haircut -- Aveda Institute (I hear this place rocks in both price and quality)

Best Bet for Next Hot 'Hood -- Old Fourth Ward (I might agree, I keep hearing things about that area...)

And then some Reader favorites ....

Best Local Blog and Best Local Blogger(s) -- Lauren and Lindsey over at the Quick and Dirty Dirty (Love these ladies! Kudos to them!)

Best Neighborhood Bar -- Brick Store Pub (hands down, one of my favorites around for beer AND fab food)

Best Place to Throw a Party That's Not Your House -- Graveyard Tavern (officially now on my To-Do list)

Congrats to all the winners! You all are awesome, and deserve the praise!


Bela Naomi said...

Graveyard Tavern is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. I go there every week :-)

They have an exceptionally delicious menu, and on wednesdays their blues/swing house band is awesome.

The ambiance there is great too, the old architecture and the pool tables and darts just add icing on the cake!

LK said...

Thanks so much, Katherine!

xxxooo, LK

Lisa said...

Aveda is the best!! I love it :)

Unknown said...

Bela- that is awesome to know about Graveyard! I can't wait to try it!!

LK - of course chica, you all rock :)

And Lisa - that's awesome to hear you agree about Aveda, they are supposed an awesome deal.