Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alter Egos

I love Blair Waldorf.

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She is so much cooler than her relationship-bipolar friend bff Serena. She always knows what she wants in life, and figures out a way to go after it.

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She has a hot man and even hotter wardrobe.

Thanks BB for the pic! 

She knows how to use her network, and how to deal with those rare people who want to thwart her success.

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In the fictional world that is Gossip Girl, this girl has got her role as Queen B. down pat.

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If I can just take the tiniest part of her game-on, no holds barred, take no prisoners approach to life, I think that I might find myself feeling pretty awesome.

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Though we all know that underneath her strong-girl facade, Blair is just another 20-something like the rest of us -- always hoping to be accepted, respected, loved and successful.

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Perhaps we are already more alike than I realized.


Lauren said...

Oh I wholeheartedly agree! I love Blair. When I went brunette a couple years ago, I went "Blair Waldorff brunette!!"

Katherine Malone said...

Lauren - her hair is divine! Love the color. I wish I could have that team of stylists, too.

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