Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Happy Thoughts

Our world is way too negative. Remember when I posted about turning off the negativity, and focusing on the positive instead? I think we are in need of a reminder, myself included. While as much as this silly cup of Starbucks in front of me cheers me up in the short-term, happiness itself can be free. Whether you are feeling sad or stressed or lonely or just blah, thinking happy thoughts can help bring some sunshine back into your step without having to splurge on those new shoes or that getaway vacation.

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Happy Thoughts! 
This also goes along with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop -- she is genius with the ideas. I love checking out her list when I need a boost, or when my other posts aren't ready for publishing just yet. Today, it's a little bit of both :)

When I am unhappy or feeling blue, I think about ...

1. Holding hands with or hugging the people that I love. You can't beat a good bear hug :)

2. Silly nights with my girlfriends spent laughing over games, memories, and random things.

3. The way the sun looks when it first bursts over the horizon in the mornings. Even better, when I am already up and done with a workout when I catch those first rays on the skyscrapers around me.

4. And of course, those last rays of daylight that linger in pink and orange and purple streaks in the sky. I wish I had a camera to truly capture those fleeting minutes on film.

5. Getting something done on my To-Do list way ahead of when it needed to be complete.

6. My baby cousin's laughter -- she is always so happy, it's almost contagious!

7. String lights. Can I still put these up year-round still as a late 20-something? Or is that restricted to college-aged kids only? Because really, they are just so gosh darn cheery, even if it's summertime. Maybe they'd look good in my office ....

8. Sending e-invitations. I am thinking about sending some soon just for a random weeknight get-together at the condo with friends. Why not?

9. Grabbing an ice-cold Diet Coke (or Coke, or cup of coffee, or whatever your vice). Those first few sips = JOY.

10. Kicking back with warm soup on a chilly day. In fact, I may do this one right now too, since it's about time for lunch! Bonus points for all of us that turn away from the computers for 10 minutes to really enjoy it, too :)

What do you think about when you want to give yourself a little boost? I don't know about you, but even just listing those things out definitely made me feel a little more "up," hooray! Spread the love, friends!

Top Ten {Tuesday} Mama's Losin' It