Monday, November 1, 2010

Exploring the Hidden Temple

Kirk Fogg: Are you ready, Olmec?
Olmec: Let's rock. 

We came. We explored the challenge. We triumphed over the others.

Well, actually, not really. We never really made it to the costume contest portion of the pub crawl. But if word-of-mouth was a factor in winning, we would have been all over it. Our Legends of the Hidden Temple costumes were a HIT with our immediate age bracket +/- 4 years. You just can't beat early-90's Nickelodeon.

We even found a missing team member -- a Purple Parrot! She wasn't so excited to take this picture with us, but we made her. I mean come on, what are the odds!

If our team hadn't pretend-won the evening's costume contest, I think these boys would have been right there at the top. Our friends are just so creative, aren't they? :)

In the end, the Scary Party Pub Crawl was a HUGE success. I would nominate this evening as one of the best Halloween events we have done here in town. Low crowd levels (it was Friday night instead of Saturday) and flexible drink specials at each bar all night cut down on the bar-to-bar smash that usually accompanies a crawl, and we hit up great Midtown destinations -- who knew Koo Koo Room was so awesome?!

Oh, and of course, a great group of friends! Thanks for the Happy Halloween, you guys! And I hope all the rest of you had a great weekend of celebrating, too :)