Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Sugar Addict's Dream

One week ago I stepped into what literally might have been Heaven (or Hell, if you are someone watching what you eat, haha). Tables and tables of chocolates, truffles, cookies, pies, cupcakes, cake balls, candies ... all with a glass or two of champagne to top it off.

Sugar Coma Festival -- an extension of Shameeka "The Broke Socialite" Ayer's famed Sugar Coma Tours around town, this one-day fest brought together the newbies, the oldies, the up and coming and the who's who of the baking industry in Atlanta. Over 40 vendors under one roof plus hundreds of hungry, salivating locals in attendance made for a gathering that no "sugar high" could match. The energy of the place wowed me, but the food wowed even more.

Dig in to the whole list for the complete run-down, but here, some of my favorites:

Cacao -- The marshmallows. Oh my goodness, the marshmallows. Absolutely divine. Makes Jet-Puff taste ridiculous.

Peacecake -- Brownies so dense that they taste like truffles, AND they are gluten free? Sweet!

The Bod Tea Shop -- You know this girl loves her Chai. These folks one-upped Starbucks and put chocolate in the mix with the tea. DIES.

West Egg Cafe -- Word on the street is that they rock their baked goods. And they proved it with their ginormous pecan pies for one and soft yet dense whoopie pies. Hello, lover.

Sensatiables -- They turned up the notch and offered up savory bites instead. Their Lemon Basil Banana Pepper Jelly was a treat, and an adorable idea for hostess gift at upcoming holiday parties.

Tank Goodness -- Warm cookies delivered on order just like you'd do with pizza. Enough said.

And my FAVORITE of the day ...

Eye Candy Bakery -- Cake Pops a la Bakerella, but local AND you can order gift baskets. These things absolutely melted in my mouth. I am still thinking about them a whole week later :)

Cheers, Shameeka, for a hugely successful event, and I can't wait to try out all of the vendors in the future!!


Britt said...

I am so glad you enjoyed Sugar Coma! I worked with Shameeka for a couple of years. It is so great to see her vision come to reality!

Unknown said...

Britt - Shameeka is amazing, isn't she?? :)

MySkinConcierge Ava said...

Please tell me we did not miss each other at Lavish! Were you there? Either of you?

Unknown said...

I sadly wasn't able to attend Lavish! but I heard it was a huge success!!