Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swarm like BEEEES

I am entering the week of "I will have no time to post anything to my blog" as we have family and friends coming in from far and wide for the holiday. So I wanted to give you all the heads up that I will be MIA. Though I am pretty sure that most of you are going to be in the same boat ... if not today, then tomorrow, or very certainly by Thursday.

In lieu of the busy week we all have ahead, I won't hold you long here. So here it is, my short tip for today: Deal Swarm Atlanta. Sign up with your email today for more Groupon/Living Social/ScoutMob/SpecialsATL/ATL on the Cheap type offers, like 50% off a haircut at a hot area salon, or Buy One - Get One Ticket Free to an area attraction. You can also follow them on Twitter to stay up with what they have going on each day.

Tip: I made a "Deals and Steals" list on TweetDeck just for deal providers like this one -- you can't risk missing some of their offers amidst a crazy Twitter feed, after all! And seriously, getting 20 "deal"  emails in a day on your phone is just plain overwhelming, even for this Betty. 

So whether you are running a morning road race, or hosting 20 of your nearest and dearest, or heading out to your favorite local eatery for a fab 5-course meal, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week. I look forward to catching up with all of you after our inevitable food and football comas wears off :)

PS. Goooo Jackets, Sting 'Em, BEEEEEES!!!! To Hell With Georgia!
PPS. GT fans wondering what on earth the whole "BEEEES" thing is: Try saying the kickoff cheer with the "BEEEES" part at the end during the game. I promise, it makes it all much more entertaining. Especially if we are losing said game :)


The Mailman said...

GT fans wondering what the BEEES thing is really about, watch this terrible-quality video.


Unknown said...

Good call Colin Man. Excellent reference :P