Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Wedding Season Begin

As a girl in my late 20's (horrifyingly, yes, I am definitely not "mid 20's" any longer since I have hit the bend towards 30, ack), I have attended probably almost 20 weddings of friends, each one fantabulous in it's own way.

I spent five years in college, so some friends got married before I was out of school ...

Annemarie, Leigh and Me at Schwag's Big Day as Greeters
The high school girls were so fun to reconnect with at their weddings ...

Christy, Me, Lauren and Rachel. I blame the heat, not the wine, for my reddish face ;)
Oldest friends got married in more recent years ....

Christy's spring wedding couldn't have been on a prettier day!
And whether in hometowns, downtowns or destinations, they all were wonderful!

Jessica's Day. Stunning. Simply stunning!

I have entered into probably the third big wave of weddings -- first the high school crowd, and then the college crowd, got married years ago. Now I am entering into the crowd of my "grown-up" friends getting hitched (Topic for another day: friends having children. Yes, I have entered into that stage too. Le sigh.). Three of my favs are getting married this summer, and I can't wait to see their big plans come together. For two of them, I am so honored to be a part of their wedding parties, and the planning is already making me giddy.

One of the things I love about bridesmaid dress shopping these days is that stores have become so versatile in what they offer. Gone are the days of the died-to-match shoes and dresses that gather dust after wearing. Today, everyday stores like JCrew offer options that match every budget, and they still look super swank to boot. I still love the look of the more-formal gowns, but for brides that are trying to stick to a budget (and help their 'maids do so, too), going the route of retail can be a much-welcome change.

Like this pretty one with a pop of color from Banana. What a steal for only $79 --

Image Source
I love me some JCrew dresses. Keep an eye on their sales, because these dresses' prices DROP. I mean down to under $70 from $250. If you know your color scheme early, shop savvy and bookmark their page.

Image Source

This one is already down to $130! I only wish I had some suitable garden party ahead this spring, I'd so buy it "just because," it is so fab.

If you are planning your big day, what types of dresses are you scouting out for your girls? Any other great spots to try, ladies?

Oh, by the way, I got a memo from Rent the Runway last week -- they are starting up a wedding angle for their dresses. Ingenious. This can go matchy-matchy or individual, however you want. Pick out your dress, have your gals order up their sizes, and done!

Happy Planning!



Unknown said...

I wore the Banana Republic dress (but in gray) to a NYE wedding! It was a great dress - super comfy and classic that you can pair with anything.

Unknown said...

Lindsay - how funny that it was that same dress! I thought it was really simply chic. I have one like it for a bridesmaid gown for a summer wedding myself :)