Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Look Back on 2010 ...

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Last year, I set some pretty lofty resolutions for myself. Let's take a looksie back at my dreams versus what actually happened in real life (written in blue for your reading pleasure!)  :)

Katherine's Ten for 2010

1. Get rid of the stacks of papers I keep around my kitchen. They drive me nuts because they clutter up the counter space, but I also have gotten used to them, and I know what is in each exact pile. There has got to be a way to force myself into filing some of these things more efficiently.
I actually did really well on this one! Though it took me until September to go out and purchase the stand-up rack for papers, woops. It helps me sort and file right away. Though there are still some stray piles here and there, it helps to keep it clear so that when people come over, I don't have to go hide all of the stacks on the washing machine, LOL.

2. Drink 36 oz of water a day. This is two Nalgenes' worth, and as I type it, I am thinking, yeah, I can do this!! But alas, some days still go by where I have maybe 12 oz. (today). Sigh. Pathetic.
Yep! Got into the groove thanks to WW. Keeping a large bottle at my desk really helped, in case you are looking for a way to fit in your H20, too.

3. Put my shoes away as I come in to the condo. There is no need for the pile to stack up by the door, when my lovely, organized closet with shoe racks is all of 10 steps away :)
It helps to be held more accountable to this one with all the random people we have stopping by at random times, so this one has gotten better for sure ...

4. Make a coffee date with a book each month. I miss reading! I LOVED finishing South of Broad over the holidays. I'd like to read a few more of the books on my shelf this year. Goal: 2 this spring.
Done and done. I loved using GoodReads to track my progress and get ideas for new books. Check out my page to see the full list of things I read.

5. Keep up with my food plans for the weeks, even when I am busy. They really help with my cost-savings and own sanity.
You saw it with your own eyes through my Weekly Binder Challenge, huzzah. Now if I could only continue this right now, as I am getting cozy with too many comfort foods!

6. Take some Katherine time on the weekends. TV, magazines, laundry and cleaning - whatever I need. It's too easy to let social plans take over! This could be combined with #4. What? That's not cheating.
Check! This was pretty easy to do when my weeks slowed down over the summer. Football Season will always be a challenging time of year to devote to Me, however. 

7. Paint my closet turquoise. I am doing it. Give me a few months though, I'll find some Saturday to tackle that.
Sigh. Nope. Though since then I have moved on to plans for a blue living room instead. I will have a springtime update about that one.

8. Go to Craft. I have been drooling over this place for way too long and it's right around the corner. Craft Bar was fab, time to save up for Craft itself.
Tear! This restaurant loss saddens me even more so because I never once got past the downstairs Bar :(

9. Buy fresh flowers when I can at Trader Joe's. I always love them and they make me happy, so why not drop the $5 for a fresh bouquet every week or two? Worth it for my happiness alone, and they have amazing prices for great-quality stems.
Yes! And I was even lucky enough to receive a few bouquets from others too ;) 

10. Stick to this list. If I do, it will be a happy 2010 :)
Continuing into 2011? I think so! 



Buckhead Belle said...

I had been dying to try Craft too! Booo. Also, painting your closet is a GREAT idea to add a pop of color. This is now on my list also!

Rob said...

Not sure if it will still be open then, but I think Craft is usually part of Buckhead Restaurant Week which is coming up. Might just be Craft Bar though.

Unknown said...

BB - go paint! I can't WAIT to see the results, please post pics!! :)

Rob - I think both are already shut, tear! I will miss their cheese plate, as it was a steal and a fab light dinner for two w wine. :(