Thursday, February 24, 2011

Springtime Wardrobe Staples I'm Eyeing...

The warmer weather is oh so taunting right now here in Atlanta. I have half a mind to pull down my warm-weather bins from the top shelves of my closet, and swap out sweaters for shorts and tights for tank-tops. With Saturday's expected highs to be 67 and sunny (FAB for Oysterfest and our Brunch and Bloodies pre-event, yay!) it's just sooo easy to imagine grabbing a sundress and a light jacket instead of wearing layer upon layer of heavier winter items.

But I know better. I know that in the next few weeks, there is a good chance we will have an unpleasant cooler streak here again. It will come out of nowhere, and it will require us to leave our homes with every inch of skin covered. Perhaps it won't be snow and ice and freezing temperatures, but I have a strong feeling it will dip into the 40's and 50's again, and probably with some chilly springtime showers to boot!

Until mid-March when I dare to (fully) bust open those tempting bins, I will just dream instead of my springtime wardrobe. Even better, I am going to name out the five items I am craving as additions to my rotation, knowing full well that spring and summer are seasons where I haven't really redone my wardrobe since losing weight. It's time for a mini-overhaul, and especially in the work-clothes category. And as a girl always watchful of how I spend my money, I am going to stick to this list when I have the urge to splurge :)

White Skinny Jeans
I am in love with the black ones I got from Kohl's and Lauren Conrad's line. I am hoping she debuts some white ones soon. I am looking for skinny ones in particular because I can dress them up with heels, or down with flats, and never have to do that awkward too-long or too-short thing like with other slacks.

Note: There is a lot of buzz about wide-leg pants for Spring too. This is awesome news for curvier girls that want to ditch the skinny trend! For me, I am pumped about both, so might keep an eye out for those, too...

White and Tight A-Line Skirt
As soon as Memorial Day comes around, you better believe I will be swapping out the black for the white! A crisp white skirt falling just above the knees is so easy to combine with any number of tops in a whole rainbow of colors.

Military Colors
I noticed this one in mall windows starting in early January, when the cold weather outside made me nearly ignore the spring clothes going up in stores inside. I already have a greenish-gray lightweight jacket from LOFT 2010, and love that I can add chunky heels and a belt to make it both flirty but tough. For spring, I am on the lookout for a military-ish skirt that I can dress up and down the same way.

Flirty and Flowery
I am just throwing this one out there as something that I always, always love. I don't care what the fashion mags say -- you can't go wrong with a fluffy and lightweight flowery dress or skirt. Pair with chunky sandals and a statement belt and/or necklace, and you are ready to go. Tone down for weekends by throwing on a jean jacket and ballet flats.

Work-Appropriate Tees
Speaking of white tees, I need new ones. I'm talking about fitted, not see-through, heavy weight, crew neck, cotton t-shirts. Dress them up with chunky necklaces or pearls, a tight A-line skirt and stilettos, and voila, you are work-ready in a power outfit. And then of course, on the weekends you can play them up or down however you want.
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What items are on your must-have list for Spring?

As an aside, after a quick Google search, I discovered that the yellow coat I talked about on Wednesday is actually the same style as one Michael Kors and others pointed to as a 2011 trend :)



Chelsea said...

Tell me when you find this elusive white shirt that isn't see through. I'm always on the look out!

cailen ascher said...

i love all those cute skirts! and the military colors are definitely "me". great finds : )

happy weekend!

Unknown said...

I usually buy my work appropriate t's from J.Crew. They go on sale all the time. They come in crew neck or v-neck that isn't too low for the work place. They fit wonderfully, lay perfectly and come in all kinds of colors. I usually pair mine with colored chinos and stilettos and I feel great all day!

Unknown said...

Chelsea - I know, that is such an issue!

Cailen - Aren't they cute? I can imagine so many outfit combos with them!

Becky - JCrew is a great idea. I am going to keep an eye out for them to go on sale. Work those power outfits!