Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Extra Minutes to Win It

Yesterday, I woke up in a bit of a funk. Not an emotional funk, per se, but a clothes funk. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was speaking to me out of my closet.

Yes, I just said that clothes speak to me. I like to pretend they do, anyways. It makes putting outfits together a whole lot more fun.

So I ended up leaving the house in black pants, ballet flats and some older shirt that I can attest I have had since college. Ugh. Talk about a downer clothes day. I felt off all day and changed as soon as I walked in the door yesterday evening.

I am a full-supporter of the notion that your outfit can make you feel either ready to charge forward with your day, or it can bring you down and make you feel just so-so. If you look fab, you feel fab, and you work fab. Look blah, you feel blah.

Of course the magazines and experts tell us to spend time the evening before prepping our outfits (ironing, picking out combinations, etc.) so that when the morning rush comes around, we don't fall victim to the blah-police in sake of leaving the house on time. We all probably ignore that advice. Yesterday, that was me.

Today, I had a plan. I woke up literally thinking about an outfit. I spent time in the shower figuring out what was clean, and what I could prep fast enough to still leave on time.

Yes, I spent time thinking about clothes. Better than stressing over work or other commitments, I'd say though :)

First, my jacket. It's oddly warm here this week so I thought it might be time to bust out the springtime yellow jacket. This was one of my favorite buys EVER from GAP a few season ago. It buttons up like a little sailor outfit, but then swings out to keep outfits low-key, too. It's the perfect "rain coat" on gloomy overcast days!

And my outfit for today -- clutch combo of leggings (since it's still brisk in the mornings and in the office!), a lightweight dress (an old school H&M find which probably cost $20 and I have gotten way more wear out of it than that. It wrinkles when I wear it, so ignore that.), a belt to cinch things up (the dress flows out, which is cute, but I prefer to show my waist) and chunky heeled sandals (Nine West. LOVE.)

What do you think? Did my extra time planning this morning pay off? I think so, because right now I feel confident and ready to take on the day!

Are you wearing a powerful outfit today, or a blah outfit? What's your plan for tomorrow?



Caitlin said...

I am in LOVE with your outfit today! Great job, as always :)

Jewel at EatDrinkShopLove said...

Love the Yellow Coat. Today I'm wearing my power outfit: red pencil skirt with a black and white polka dot top.

Anonymous said...

Mad dog! I'm in class bored out of my mind, so I thought I'd let you know I do the same thing, especially on test day! Miss you! -caz

Unknown said...

You look FAB and fresh today missy! Love Love the outfit. I'm in that category that picks out outfits the night before... except last night. So my "blah" day is today whereas yesterday you couldn't stop me! Haha.

Sarah-Ann said...

Adorable outfit for the WIN! Love the jacket, the combo, everything works. Great mix use of colors too. I have 2 cute spring jackets that I need to break out, you've inspired me! I also was just thinking today that I need to spend more time prepping my outfits the night before so I can feel ready to take on the world - powerfully - the next day. Thanks for being very on point with your topic today and sharing!

Unknown said...

Ladies (and gent - CAZ MISS YOU!!) - Thank you so much!! :) :) You all are fabulous and it sounds like you each are rocking some powerful outfits yourselves, so rock on!!

Lindsay Chason said...

Taking the extra time ALWAYS makes a difference. There must have been something in the water yesterday because I wore some horrible clothing and had a similar work day. Looking great makes for a great day! Rock it, Malone!

Unknown said...

Thanks Chason! And you are so right - and hopefully that "water" around here will continue to be FAB instead of funk :)

The Mailman said...

Good to see the ol' Paddington Katherine jacket is back.

Anonymous said...

Is that the bathroom at your job?

Unknown said...

Colin - hooray, Paddington! :)

And Anon - you better believe it. I take advantage of the full-length mirrors when I see 'em :)