Monday, March 7, 2011

Afternoon Delight

I just had the most ahhh-mazing "snack" from this place:

I say "snack" in quotes because honestly it was probably the amount of WW Points I should have had all DAY. But by goodness, was it WORTH IT. Yes, even worth this sugary-sick hangover-ish feeling I have as a result.

Image Source

A chocolate-peanut butter bar. Like a seven-layer bar, but without the nuts and coconut, and peanut butter instead. Good. Lord.

Lent starts Wednesday. For this Catholic gal, that means a day of "fasting and abstinence"  followed by 39 days of "self-denial and personal penance." As my mom always told me, it's not personal penance if I tell the whole world what I am doing, but let's just say that the above Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bar doesn't really fit into the picture until after Easter, if you get my drift :)

In the meantime, the most I can say is that you should get yourselves over to the bakery if you are a chocolate-peanut butter lover like I, and enjoy those sinful bars for me. And all you fellow Catholics, I will see YOU at Mass on Wednesday :)