Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Lounge Time 101

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It's not often you will find me relaxing with a movie and a box of bon-bons on the couch.

Except for maybe tonight. It is Fat Tuesday, after all...

In fact, I really struggle with allowing myself 100% complete relaxation time. I will plan in "down time" to my day's list of To-Do's. No joke. It's that sad.

This past weekend, I had some much-needed down time on Sunday, and I spent it shopping with leftover gift cards. Because, of course, that was something on my To-Do list -- use up gift cards.

But it got me thinking. What other things could I "schedule" in that were actually fun activities in disguise? What To-Do's are usually haunting the back of my mind that are surprisingly relaxing and chill?

It's Top Ten {Tuesday}, so I think it's perfect timing for my Top Ten List of Me-Time To-Do's! Find your planner, jot some of these down, and enjoy the fact that you are being both productive and totally selfish with your time :)

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Me-Time To-Do's

1. Manicure/Pedicure. While I'd love for this one to be at the actual salon, sometimes my budget doesn't allow the extra splurge. So instead, enjoy a lazy afternoon doing your nails in front of your favorite movie. You need the drying-time anyways, so why not kill two birds with one stone and check that recent Netflix movie off your queue too?

Men: Play video games here instead. Unless you are manly enough (yes, I think you are) to give your own hands and toes a little lovin'. The women in your lives will thank you :)

2. Sit in the sun. It's springtime, and even 10-15 minutes a day will give you the Vitamin D boost your mind and body needs. Consider this official advice from your "doctor."

3. Call a friend. You might have been putting it off because you "haven't had time." But you also know that as soon as you do talk to that friend, you are going to feel really happy and will say something like "I wish I talked to that friend more." So just go ahead and call them!

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4. Read some of that book or magazine on your side table. I have a stack of 3-4 books and recent subscriptions that I just haven't looked at. Why? Who knows. I now know what one evening of mine this week will entail.

5. Cook. Some people actually really dislike this idea, because they really don't like to cook on a daily basis anyways. But this idea is both practical (stock up your fridge for the week when you have free time) and also a big stress-reliever. Try out a new recipe, or open the box of brownies and mix them up; it doesn't have to be earth-shattering. 

6. Window shop, literally or virtually. You don't have to necessarily buy anything. Just looking and thinking about buying things is fun, too! Or at least that's what I tell my shopaholic self ...

7. Write a note or a card to someone. Handwritten notes are so trendy, didn't you know? Pick up a cute card or stationery at the store, and write one to anyone -- your Grandma. Your Aunt. Your Mom. A best friend. They will LOVE getting it. Bonus points if it's their birthday coming up; that's two to-do's taken care of right there.

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8. Browse the bookstore. Walk around and get inspired by the How-To guides, the novels and the design books. Grab a coffee and jam out in the music section. Just be idle and read the spines of the books in a new section -- you never know what might grab your interest!

9. Watch TV. Be strategic on this one. Either watch something that you haven't seen on your TiVo, or a new show on live TV, or turn it off. Why waste an afternoon with stuff that doesn't interest you, or something so-so that you've already seen? Go on to another item on the list, if that's the case :)

10. Research your next vacation. It might not be until next year, but why put it off, since you have some time to kill and need to plan anyways? Double dip and do #8 along with this one, picking up some travel guides while you are there. Don't have anything in mind? Figure out your Dream Destinations instead.

Top Ten {Tuesday}What else is on your Me-Time To-Do List?



Anonymous said...

Great list! I, too, have a hard time settling down and not multi-tasking. I thought movies were made to make folding socks more enjoyable. It's good to have a list for when you know you need me-time, but can't figure out what to do!

LucidLotus said...

I love your list. I think it's important to schedule in me time and I have an ongoing list so I know what to do with myself and don't end up, like you said, in front of some silly show that I don't even care about. That is not fulfilling and feels like you've had no time at all!

I also keep a list of websites I want to browse so I don't just wander aimlessly around the Internet for hours like I used to. And shh, still do sometimes:)

Unknown said...

Love your post- it is so hard for moms to totally relax- I feel guilty if I do! I love going to a bookstore and grabbing a cup of coffee... I may schedule that in for tomorrow!

Heather said...

My lack of something specific to look forward to in my downtime left me realizing: I need a hobby! This weekend I'm taking a screenprinting workshop. :)

cailen ascher said...

an upcoming me-time to-do is a massage! craig and i scheduled a couples massage back at valentine's day and this saturday was their first open time slot!

needless to say, we're ready : )

Unknown said...

Mrs. Dexter - you are so right re: socks and movies, ha! :)

LucidLotus - that is a great idea re: the list of websites to browse through. I try and do the same by going into my Reader and not too far beyond!

Kelly and Heather - I hope your mini-breaks were well worth it!

Cailen - So. Jealous. OMG. :)