Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sickly but Cheery, Can It Be?

I knew that talking about not having gotten sick would catch up to me, no matter how many times I knocked on wood or crossed my fingers while doing so. This is like those times when you get sick during the summer -- why?! The pollen is gone from our air, the days are (mostly) crisp and bright and warm, and I live in a high rise with no windows to open at night. But yet, some sort of spring head cold has found me. Lovely.

Rather than continue to complain (because I know you all loooove that, right?) I think some cheery yet random imagery might be good for my (read: yours, too) soul right now. And you better believe a second steaming hot Chai is in my future today.

Springtime printable found here.

Love the dark blue and bright white. Image found here.

Image found here.

I heart petit fours. Image found here.

Garden party anyone? Image found here.

I heart NYC always. Thanks Cami! Image here.

You know me.

Can't wait to make this! Image here.

Love this for the men! Image here.

Scrapbook-paper coasters tutorial here.
Have a lovely Thursday!



meghan said...

I pinned those coasters to my DIY board on pinterest. I can't wait to give them a try this summer! They're so pretty, and I guess they can all look so different based on the paper you choose.

Unknown said...

Meghan - they are so fun! I love the cheery prints they chose, and you are right, they really can look different based on which papers you use!