Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preppy in Plaid

Thanks to those of you who gave such positive feedback on my week-long clothing recap post last week! I am so lucky to have such great and fab readers out there :)

While I kept my photography simple with fast camera phone shots (I took a note from Ms. Buckhead Belle's book and took advantage of our office restroom full length mirrors LOL), I am always in awe of the bloggers out there that post professional-grade outfit pictures every. single. day.

Behold, the newest add to my Google Reader, the lovely Blair at Atlantic-Pacific All-American. Her outfits and style? I die. The grade of photography and styling for each one? I die again. Like this preppy look complete with huge flower and belted overcoat?

Fabulousity. Or this one below with the layered casual-meets-chic pieces? Le sigh.

I ran across Blair's site via The Love List when she linked through to Matchbook Mag, in true Internet ADD style.

Even further down the rabbit hole, I loved her buns and hair styles so much...

...that I searched back and found her inspiration source.

I can't wait to test some of the B. Jones techniques and other styles (found here) out a la Blair with my hair as it grows out! If I can get them down, they might be the perfect way to avoid costly hairdresser costs for these weddings I am in and attending this summer. 

So while I play around with my rinky-dink camera phone and share pictures with you here and there, I appreciate your continued patience and feedback on my fashion selections. And maybe one of these days I will advance to the awesomeness of style and photog skills like these ladies did above :)

Do you follow any fashion bloggers that do Outfit of the Day? Which are your favs?



corrin said...

Oh my goodness. I'm in the process of growing out my hair and I can't imagine teasing it like that. It has to be so damaging!

The Mailman said...

Great AND fab?? Inconceivable!

meghan said...

She has the most amazing style. I see her outfits every day and just fall over sideways. I don't know how she does it. I think people with that kind of style have a vision and talent. I follow Kendi Everyday and really like her style. There's a bit less to her style, but she always mixes well and wears reasonably priced clothes. I've even bought a couple of the things she's posted.

Unknown said...

Colin - you know it :)

Corrin - I thought about that too, ack. I have noticed that if I let my hair dry naturally or wear it wavy, then use a really strong spray all over it, it gets a similar texture to teased hair. I think I may try that version first.

Meghan - I am going to stop by Kendi Everyday, that sounds like a perfect combo with the reasonably priced clothes especially! Thanks!

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