Friday, April 22, 2011

A Week of Clothes: Mix and Match It

Do you have days where you are ON with your outfit for work? Where you feel like you can take over the world, just because your dress/pants/suit/button-up look so awesome together?

I've said it before -- I love those days. I go into my closet every morning with a goal of trying to come up with a new combination each time, be it with tops, bottoms, jewelry or other accessories. Some days it works, and other days, not so much. But I know that if and when I actually try, I usually end up feeling pretty good about myself that day, instead of feeling frumpy. 

This week I tried to take a picture of each outfit I wore (with my camera phone, please forgive me on the quality) so that I could go back and document it a bit. My fav thing about these outfits are how affordable and even, yes, dated, some of these individual pieces actually are.

Are you looking for some wardrobe inspiration? Maybe this snapshot into mine will help spark your creativity!

Monday: Strictly Business in Black and White

I love love love a black pencil skirt and heels. I added a thin black belt to give the outfit an hourglass effect, and kept the accessories in line with similar colors.

My favorite part of this outfit, though, is the precious freshwater pearl bracelet I was gifted by family. It comes from a small Southern-based jewelry shop, Handpicked. It's so delicate!

Tuesday: Dressing Up an Old Standby

Believe it or not, this dress is from 2002. A Donna Karan classic sheath, it's bright pink color attracted me then and still does today. Since it's a bit big for me these days, I added a thick black belt to bring it all together.

My favorite part? The leopard-print heels that go so well with bright pink :)

Wednesday: Dress it Up and Down
It always gets harder for me to come up with fun combinations by mid-week, no matter how large my closet. Even worse, Wednesday's forecast was full of rain -- gross. But instead of slipping into blah-clothes land ...

I picked out this poofy checkered Isaac Mizrahi Target shirt-dress (Mad Men love!) and toned it down for work with a pair of Target fringey sandals, both circa 2007-2008.

The dress has a matching ribbon for the waistband, so I swapped it out for a more casual JCrew belt (end of season sale for $12) and added brownish earrings, too.

Thursday: I admit, I really started to struggle by Thursday. Part of me wanted to throw on the orange Nine West-New Balance sneakers and call it a day. But no. I decided heels would make me feel more like ME.

Rather than stop at the LOFT tee and pinstripe skirt, though, I added on some fun blue and orange costume jewelry to liven things up. Both pieces I found in a grab-bag of giveaways from a friend while she was moving. Score!

Friday: Casual and Cool
As with many Fridays, I dressed for the day really dressing instead for the night ahead, knowing I'd be going straight out for dinner and then drinks after work. Enter: cute new (sale buy) LOFT jean pencil skirt, Old Navy tank and casual LOFT military-style jacket:

It's a perfect combo to keep things business-casual at work, but then fab enough to see me through to the restaurant.

Plus, there are these helping to spice things up on the bottom half :)

Well, there you have it. A week inside my wardrobe. How did I do? Do you have any outfits already planned in your head for your week ahead?



Caitlin said...

You look fabulous, Katherine! Love all of your have such great style. And you are so tiny!! Congrats :)

Pam-tastic! said...

I love when you post your outfits! I felt like I was never even remotely stylish until I started following your blog. You're an inspiration! I love your outfits! I just wish I wasn't so tall, because I love the heels you get to wear!

meghan said...

Love your outfits for this week! I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you can takeover the world when you're well dressed. Do you follow Kendi Everyday? She does outfit posts all the time and really inspired me to mix things up.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness ladies, you all are wonderful! Thank you for your kind words :) I love that each of you find inspiration in your wardrobes and liked my week's choices!! XOXOX said...

I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! Your sense of style is the epitome of perfection, oh my! I'm your newest, most avid follower, and it'd mean the world to me if you followed me back �� I look forward to your future posts- have a lovely day ��

Sonia Chauhan said...

I think you look very comfortable, classy, and relaxed. Where we live and our lifestyle is very casual, so athleisure wear is most appropriate. But, I cannot wear Nike’s because they have zero support for my high arches and paper thin feet.

Have a blessed day!

seeseigh said...

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