Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Although I have only been back in the condo and the fine city limits of A-town for not even three days, today I fly right back out again for business.

Some people really dislike traveling. Some despise that they have to travel to and from their homes each week for a commuting job. Others just can't stand planes. Then there are the rowdy kids, the shared lifespace of the arm rests and the delays and cancellations that sometimes you just can't avoid.

Me? I LOVE IT. There is just something about the thrill of getting on a big jet engine-powered beast and flying somewhere that gives me joy.

Since it's a Tuesday, and I haven't done a Top Ten {Tuesday} in quite a while, I think it might be appropriate to talk about why I love traveling so much. For those of you that despise it, maybe some of these little "yay" moments can help you through your next trip :)
Top Ten {Tuesday}
Top Ten {Tuesday}: Why I Love Leaving on a Jet Plane

1. Starbucks at the airport. The one at Hartsfield's Gate E is clutch if you have time to kill and don't want to deal with the busier ones at other gates.

2. The airport is people-watching central. I watch people all day long on MARTA, on the city streets and out windows (except not in a creepy neighbor way, I swear). You can't beat the oddities, fashion (or lack thereof...) and entertainment of the people in the airport.

3. You may dislike them or could care less about them, but I get a nostalgic kick every time they bust out the Biscoff cookies at snack time.

4. The thrill of going somewhere new, even if it's somewhere I have been 40 times. It's different than home, and that's a jolt of fresh air for me!

5. Early morning or late afternoon flights give you amazing views of the sun as it rises and sets. Grab your camera phone and take a shot if you have a window seat.

6. In-flight WiFi. On shorter flights, I love that it allows me just enough time to punch out a quick Bhead Betty post or catch up on blog reading.

7. For you vacation-goers: grab a quick bite to eat and a beer at a hometown establishment while you wait to board. Here in Atlanta, it's a Sweetwater outpost, but in Boston they have a Sam Adams pub!

8. In-flight adult beverages make for a lovely way to kick off your personal/vacay flight, but also make for a great way to end the week if you are away on-site for your job. Plus, that $5 drink might buy you some sanity from the toddler kicking your seat behind you.

9. "I'd like the can please." You Diet Coke addicts know what I am talking about :)

10. Skymiles can add up. Even though as fairly infrequent traveler, mine aren't adding up as fast as they could be. I guess that just means I need to fly more? Who wants a late-summer visitor in their town?!



Matt Duke said...

I haven't been on a flight since March 19th and I am going crazy being on the ground this long. Traveling for work really is one of the greatest things ever. I need to find a way to get my job back closer to 100% travel like it was the past 2 years.

Jana A said...

This makes me want to go somewhere. And we just got back from NY. I love the airport and flying. It's so not stressful to me. I need somebody to pay me to travel. I could review hotels. THERE's a gig for me!

Unknown said...

Matt- I know how much you love traveling! You totally need to get back on that rotation. I hope you can find a good way to get back to that!

Jana - ME TOO. How lovely would that be? That makes me think of that lady that does that on the Travel Channel. What a life.