Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sassy and Sweet, Such a Selection

Ok seriously, how cool is this print?

My brother has been working on sort of print for our dark red dining room wall, and I just can't wait to see it. In the meantime, before I know the color scheme of that secretive piece, I just think about the other neutral colors that might compliment it on top of that deep color we have going on over there. This awesome graphic of New York City is right up that alley. It's colors would look great in contrast with the red, and could easily sit side by side with other things on the wall, too.

I found this print through MadeByGirl (as I mentioned recently, she really rocks). It's one product out of a few that she features designed by other artists. Of course, I couldn't go by her shop without checking out her own artwork selection. Wouldn't you know it, I come to find out that her prints are the ones I have seen a lot of over the Interwebs recently. This one has been really popular with interior design bloggers:

Too bad she doesn't have a version that says "I love you, blogs and Diet Coke," because that would go in my shopping cart in a heartbeat.

And this one too, it is just too gosh darn cheery. No wonder so many others have snatched it up. I love the rainbow of colors it comes in, but this blue would be adorable for a beach house or a small powder room.

If posters and prints aren't your thing, maybe you will find some decor joy in her little line of sassy and sweet cards.

This one is my favorite :P



Jana A said...

Oh I have GOT to have that card! Off to look at them!!

Jana A said...

Ok. You cost me $50 today. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Haha Jana - I LOVE that you LOVED those cards and other items, too! Have fun sending them out! :)