Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another 101 Things To Do...

... But this time it's especially for you love-birds out there. Or at least anyone who has a partner-in-crime of sorts, be it a BFF or a sister or a brother or cousin who might be willing to check some of these items off with you. I say some, because really, some are definitely reserved for that special someone in your life (e.g. writing a note together to your future grandkids, switching sides of the bed...). Single and ready to mingle? Ignore those few outliers, because the rest of this list still rocks.

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While we have already (technically) conquered things like the week at sea and the "giant" puzzle, my list of To-Do's now includes throwing a dart at a map and making dinner from that country, and skipping out of work some day to go bowling. Shh, don't tell anyone. I need to perfect my curve, after all. 

And all you non-relationship "I hate dating" type people? Suck it up and check it out, and consider it your own personal bucket list in the meantime :)

Which of these are on your To Do list? Anything particularly silly or fun?