Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Foodie Bucket List

Did you catch the Creative Loafing "100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Before You Die" feature last week?

Flipping through this "mix of classics, favorites and bests," I am half-surprised I have not tried more of these selections. I say half-surprised because honestly, I am not a foodie; I do not venture to get to the biggest and best new places as soon as they arrive in town. I haven't made it to half of the places I have even mentioned being interested in here on this very blog! I love my local favorite joints, and trying a new place every now and then makes me perfectly content. I try to ignore the peer pressure and just enjoy places as I can and when my budget (and waistline) allows.

A few dishes on their list did catch my eye, though, so perhaps I will amend my eating-out practices to include some stops at these places? Only time will tell!

Farm egg in celery cream at Miller Union
Almond croissant at Bakeshop
Medio Dia sandwich at Super Pan Latino Sandwich Shop
Chile relleno taco (or burrito) at El Taco Veloz
Tres leches cake at Tierra 

Here is list live online, or you can print off a reference PDF to keep by your fridge next time you are clueless about where to head that evening for a bite to eat.

And if you are interested in my own local ITP favorites, check out this older post of mine. One addition that the CL List overlooked would be the Fried Green Tomato BLT at West Egg Cafe on the Westside - gooooodness is that a keeper :)



Anonymous said...

You must try the Tres Leche cake at Tierra, it really is one of the best desserts I've ever had :)

Unknown said...

Kelly - YUM I can't wait, I have loved that cake when I have had it elsewhere before!!