Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Leftie or Rightie

I have this picture framed in our foyer.
Warning: Really Random Story Ahead. Welcome to the wandering mind of Katherine. I swear I had three or four more well-thought-out posts in mind to share, but this is what you get for expecting those to come together in time for a crazy Monday post-holiday Tuesday :)

Did you know that I play the cello?

I should probably amend that statement to say "I played the cello" or "I can play the cello," as I am (sadly) not actively playing the cello right now. But I did play for 12 years, and loved it. I made lasting friendships and didn't (totally) mind the twice-weekly evening rehearsals through college. Let's just say the group got used to seeing me on Thursday nights already dressed and ready to go out afterwards :)

A few years ago, I attempted to take the cello and the symphony orchestra back up as a young professional with a local community orchestra here in town. I lasted all of 4 months. Two concerts later (including a special Christmas concert where I was given the wrong sheet music and had to fake-play along while in the front rows - thankfully, I am good at that), I was bored. I didn't have any friends in there to make the weekly rehearsals more fun. My schedule was tight enough without adding in the commutes to and from the varying rehearsal halls. Little things like repeating sections over and over to get them right were starting to irk me.

Ultimately though, it came down to a much more shallow and ridiculous factor.

Fact: What really tired me out on the whole orchestra thing was that there were no cute guys with whom to flirt the rehearsals away. Yes, I am that girl. I joined an extracurricular activity to meet boys. And it started WHEN I WAS 12. What can I say? Guys that play instruments (and yes, very often cellists) are smart AND cute AND make me laugh. Done and done.

Besides the fact that I don't have a need for that outlet anymore, that community group's average age of 45 was kind of a downer, too. There weren't even cute guys to LOOK at! Why bother?! :)

Get ready. The most random story resolution ever happens now.

Cute boy-watching aside, there is something that has stuck with me from all those days of playing the cello. I blame that hobby for my inability to wear my watch on the correct wrist (opposite of your writing hand). I always wear my watch on my right hand. And I am right-handed. It's a habit directly tied to the days in school when I'd be playing the cello almost every day, so wearing things on my left hand would interfere. Every time I'd move my hand up past the first positions, my watch would hit the cello. Rather than swap wrists for rehearsals, I instead have never worn the watch on the correct side. I still do this today, with no cello practice in sight. Old habits die hard, I guess?

Do you have a random musing of your own to share? Is everyone out there feeling as slow in the head as I am today? Too bad all that sun and BBQ can't stimulate our minds back to work better!



Jana A said...

That's so cute! My brain is too slow to try to come up with something like that. Though I was left handed until first grade when my 90 yr old great grandmother made me switch. She was left handed in a right handed world. Silly lady!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jana! That is so funny - I wonder how many people out there were made to switch?! My dad was forced to, too, but by the nuns at school back in the day when the thought was right-handed was the "right" way, so silly :P

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