Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer DON'TS

Oh, summer. The season where the layers come off, the temps go up and everyone is just working for the weekend and pool/beach/lawn chair time. Can it be here already? The temps in Atlanta have been spiking towards 100 for days and weeks now, and somewhere in there I think we might have hit springtime since that last snowfall.

As I took off my sweater to expose my pasty skin to the strong rays of the Atlanta sun this week, I couldn't help but think about Mama Kat's writing prompt this week. What better way to prepare for the summer of love ahead than by thinking about all the things NOT to do?

Top Ten Summer DON'TS

As you prepare for this hot weather ahead, DO NOT ...

#1 ... Forget your anti-humidity hair products. As a resident of one of the most humid cities around (even though we aren't somehow on the Top 101 Cities list, oddly enough. TX and FL win!), I still can't figure out the right combination of products to straight hair. I think they all work fine in perfect conditions, but as soon as you start to sweat (aka about two minutes after stepping outdoors here), the "anti-humidity" part goes right out the window! One can try, though.

#2 ... Overlook the majestic power of ice cream from the local drive-up shop. Savor the moment and eat your favorite flavor on the hood or back of your car.

Image Source

#3 ... Forget the fun part of summer. The days are longer, so take advantage of them! Think like a kid, and order pizza by the pool for dinner, sleep with the windows open and the fans on high, or go camping in your backyard. Tip: remember that you are an adult, and air mattresses will probably be needed in those tents in order to move the next day. 

#4 ... Think that since you are so busy, you have no time for a vacation. Consider a weekend at a local cabin, a trip to a lake or nearby river, or an early Friday drive to the beach.

#5 ... Expect to (stylishly) wear the latest summer fashion trends like the maxi dress or a romper. Wear whatever "trend" is most comfortable (and age-appropriate) for you!

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#6 ... Leave home without throwing a spare bathing suit in your car or (oversized) purse. Live life this way, and you are bound to run into more fun times!

#7 ... Underestimate the fun that you can have if you actually do get caught in a freak summer rain shower. Don't run for cover - get soaked and laugh :)

#8 ... Stay indoors if it's sunny outside. Get out there for at least 30 minutes (to justify the sweating and heat, think about all that Vitamin D!) and go for a bike ride, a swim or an early morning stroll. If you waste away the opportunity nature is giving you now, I don't want to hear you complain about how gloomy winter gets with less than 12 hours of sun a day!

Image Source and Recipe

#9 ... Weigh down your days with heavy meals. Keep things light at lunch with salads full of fresh ingredients from your local markets, and go Mediterranean at dinner with fish and vegetables!

#10 ... Forget to keep some beers chilled in the fridge and cooler ice packs in the freezer at all times. You just never know. 

What would you add to this list of Summer Don'ts?



Midwest Travel Service said...

That salad looks absolutely beautiful and so delicious! Yum!!

Greta @gfunkified said...

Brings me back to the summer days before kids...I'll just have to live vicariously through you now! (Alhtough, some things, like eating light except for ice cream, still apply)

Red Shutters said...

Your post makes me look forward to summer!

Unknown said...

Greta- totally!! Live up the ice cream, lady :)

Red Shutters and Midwest - so glad you stopped by, thanks!