Monday, May 23, 2011

Pints for a Purpose

If someone you know lives in Atlanta, enjoys beer and has NOT been to either Sweetwater Brewery or Red Brick Brewing Company (formerly Atlanta Brewing Company, or ABC), then really, shame on you as their friend that you have not brought them there yet :)

I will never forget my first time going to Sweetwater. Back then, it was just a brewery warehouse with some trailers hooked up in the parking lot that dolled out beer. If you needed to go to the bathroom, well, there were portable restrooms. They only served on Thursdays starting at 4:20PM (get it? Ha...), and so as a student, you had to skip out of class early to get there before it got crowded, and also be willing to be a bit foggy for any Friday morning classes you might have. There were usually at least 20 dogs there with their owners, and once in a blue moon they might have a band hook up guitars right by the trucks.

What I didn't realize then, as I showed up with a guy I knew that night, was that the dress code was a lot different than your typical bar outing. I was wearing stilettos (of course), boot cut jeans and some casual-chic top. I then proceeded to stand out like a sore thumb, because everyone else was in their hippy Birkenstocks, grungy jeans and collegiate/rock band sweatshirts. I kid you not. I aerated that lawn pretty well in my pumps :)

Since then, Sweetwater got an upgrade, adding on a fancy interior (complete with restrooms, hooray), beer taps and a real bar, and a swanky patio where the bands play. They start serving beer later and now have their busiest nights on Fridays, so young professionals (yes, in stilettos) can come straight from work without worrying about dressing down.

ABC -- now officially rebranded as Red Brick Brewing Company -- has had the same upgrade. Both spots are hot for events, and I couldn't be more excited to tell you about one that is coming up that I KNOW you want to attend. This is an event I am helping to plan, and I want you there!

First, the fun flier that you can save and send around to your friends ... 
Now, the background! I am involved with a great organization called The Shirlock Foundation that benefits families of college students who are battling leukemia. A family's expenses can quickly accumulate due to medical treatment and travel costs including gas, food, living accommodations and hospital parking. Frequently, parents find it necessary to take time off from work to focus fully on their child's care, cutting off an important source of income when the family needs it the most. The goal of The Shirlock Foundation is to help these families monetarily, so they can focus their efforts on supporting their loved ones.

On Sunday, June 5, we are excited to host a special Red Brick Brewery Tour to directly benefit the Shirlock Foundation! The afternoon will be full of friends, fun and lots of Red Brick beer. Tickets are $25 and include three raffle tickets and a custom Shirlock Foundation pint glass. $3 from every ticket will directly benefit the Foundation.  

Even better? The popular local food truck Tex's Tacos will be there vending the event! Check out their menu and pricing here. You really can't beat a lazy Sunday afternoon of beer and $2 tacos :)

All are welcome, so please help us spread the word and invite your friends and family to join us! And by golly, especially invite those friends that haven't been to these breweries before. They deserve to know about the fun that awaits them! Buy your and their tickets today.