Friday, May 13, 2011

Soreness is Greatness

PTRR 2010. 

I can hardly believe it, but five days later, and I have worked out every single day this week. Five workouts, all working different parts of my body for at least 30 minutes each day. It wasn't easy fitting them into my way-too-busy days, but I made them a priority, and it worked.

And you know what?

I really want to go for a run tomorrow morning to start my weekend off right and keep this vibe going.

Things are just better when you are working your body out and trying to be healthy :)

I am sleeping harder and longer, and getting up earlier hasn't been as tough. We planned a variety of things to do so that I didn't get bored. Whether it was tennis or pilates, weight lifting or long evening walks -- I was moving myself up and away from my (comfy) couch and burning calories.

Immediate goal: Get back to being as lean and mean as I was last summer crossing that finish line at the Peachtree Road Race with my own PR.

Bigger goal: Kick that version of me's booty in the end :)

Happy Weekend, everyone! Keep yours fit! Any big plans?