Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This One's For the Boys

Since the first day I ever posted on this fun little blog of mine, I have had some pretty dedicated male readers. More often than not, actually, I find out about who they are when we run into each other in real life. It has been a frequent topic of conversation at parties and gatherings, and I often get emails or IM's about how they feel about one post or another of mine. I love it! These guys are hilarious and make me feel very loved as a "writer."

Given that I do have so many men out there clicking through to see what Buckhead Betty is up to, I thought I might provide some content that is especially for them. Consider this fair warning -- there will be no talk of cosmetics or shoes or hairstyles in this post. This will be 100% male-dominated.

You men are probably thinking "Thank goodness! Finally!" Sorry it took me so long to get around to content just for you! :)

As part of some pre-blogging research and doing my due-diligence, I checked in with some of my favorite men around town to get some dirt. I asked questions, made notes and wanted to share my findings with the rest of you today. So, without further ado, I give you...

"The All-Atlanta Post By the Men, For the Men." Part I

Koo Koo Room image source
Question #1: Favorite Places for Guys' Night Out

Right off the bat, my first "question" supplied me with all sorts of great ideas. Here are the most popular results and their thoughts for favorite guys-only hangouts around town, and particularly in the Buckhead area:
I couldn't do this post, though, without also using some direct quotes from my brother, Colin. He has such a humor-filled way of writing. I am not going to change a single thing he typed so that you can get the full effect:
The Five Spot (in Little Five Points) - Local bands play here a lot, shows to which I have been a few times. Usually good if you're like, "I'd like to see a band for as cheap as possible, and drink for as cheap as possible, then maybe hang out and talk music with the band afterwards." That is a very specific example. Generalize that idea at will. [C, no generalizing here! That's a perfect example.]
Ri Ra - You know the drill on Ri Ra. Touts itself as an Irish bar. There is an Irish guy who plays on some nights aside from Friday/Saturday, and he is very good. It's a lot more laid back. The McSorely's on tap and the various scotches/Irish Whiskeys make this a slam dunk. On Friday/Saturday, if you're in love with listening to covers of Dexy's Midnight Runners and Bryan Adams, then you are in luck. 
    Thanks Colin, those examples are great! 

    Taps at your table at STATS. Image source here.

    Question #2: Best Spot for Drinks

    I figured I'd ask specifically about great spots for drinks, since, well, you know, guys might be looking for things beyond beer and liquor on a "guys' night out" :) Not surprisingly, a handful of options rose to the top of the stack out of all the guys I asked...
    • Prohibition is a ranking top fav if you like your drinks fancy and stiff [My post about this place is literally one of my top-referring posts on Google, ever. It ranks #7 in Google results, which is hilarious because I didn't even give away the exclusive password/phone number. Which I totally have, by the way. Only if you are nice.]
    • East Andrews, especially the back bar (ask for Danny) 
    • Whiskey Park in the W Midtown Hotel
    • Twain's - great drinks plus jazz music and billiards
    • Dark Horse
    • Brickstore Pub
    Image source here.

    Other men out there - which bars and restaurants are missing from this list? 

    That's not all - I have more to come in Part II! Many, many thanks to the men who gave input on this mini-series. You all are oh so fab :) XOXO