Friday, June 3, 2011

For the Boys, Part II

Back for Part II of this little mini-series just for the dude Betties out there. Yes, I went there.

"The All-Atlanta Post By the Men, For the Men." Part II

Up first for today...

Question #3: Go-to Places a Guy Can Take a Girl on a Date

With all the places around town where you can wine and dine, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to find a good spot to cozy up with a girl on one of those early dates. You know the ones - where you are asking a lot of questions about each other, you are trying not to be awkward or get food stuck in your teeth, and you pick up the tab and maybe even get a kiss in the end.

Well, guys, what are your favorite spots? Here were the top performers. The main objective when selecting a restaurant? Shoot for places that are not overly noisy, and where the menu is simple and not highly unique. Ordering food should not be difficult or too tough to find and make a selection!
Don't see your favorite? Add it to the list by leaving a comment below!

Question #4: Best Spots to Meet the Ladiessss

Yes, I typed it that way in my "survey." For the record, I also told them Moondogs does not count :)

The bottom line here? No matter their age, the boys still go on the hunt for the gals at the bar. Ladies, get your jeans and cute tops on, because they are definitely scoping you out!
I don't know about you, but I am glad to see that the list of bars has graduated to the "young professionals" scene away from East Andrews and Hole in the Wall. I love most of these spots! 

We are down to just one more "For the Boys" post to complete this mini-series! Thanks again to the men who participated in my completely non-statistical sampling! :)



tom said...

Fado. upstairs on the south side of the bar. Great intimacy and fun people watching--the best of both worlds. order a salad and a Red Breast if you don't feel like beer and bar food.

nathan said...

hey hey hey don't hate the Moondog, ha.


Unknown said...

Tom - LOVE Fado :) Also love their healthier-food options, like the hummus or edamame at Happy Hour!

Nathan - whatever, Moondogs is deserving of a little call-out, but only because I have been there an uncountable amount of times in my college days :)

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