Saturday, June 18, 2011

Laugh and Dine for Dad's

This event sounds so fun, I just couldn't help but pass it along. Especially since I initially thought it was Father's Day-related, but then realized that was just my tired brain not reading things right ;) Whatever, this still could be a super fun thing to "gift" your Dad if you are still searching for something for tomorrow's big day!

Cheers to my friend Wendy at @ATL_Events for being behind this awesome event! Go Wendy!

Dine Out for Dad's
Thursday, 6/23 from 5:30pm-10pm at Sauced

The run-down: Similar to other local dine-out events for non-profits, proceeds from the night go towards Dad's Garage. BUT you also get a 50% off ticket to see a show that night at Dad's Garage, too! You can't beat that. This is a great dinner-and-a-show date night idea.

Betty Tip: Guys, do the whole deal with the waiter ahead of time so you can impress your lady with your planning "skillz." 

Here are the two show options that night at Dad's:
8:00pm – sLaughter Camp
10:30pm - Uncomfortably Up Close and Personal

Make a reservation at Sauced by calling 404.688.6554. Then save your spot at Dad's too - purchase a ticket for that evening at the student price. You'll receive a coupon with your bill at Sauced that we'll verify at the door. 

Get the full event details on Facebook - and get ready to laugh while helping a great cause!